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Ami award is the highest Music Awarding in Indonesia, and Ami award is celebrated continuously as an Annual Music Awards, and all the winner on every categories is evaluated and concluded by the choosen judges and the prominent ones in Music, but at this AMI AWARD which had been held on February 24th ago was very different from its celebariton previously. The AMI AWARD 2009 was very simple and not as elegant as before.
(winning speech)

And fortunately The Indonesian Young Superdiva Agnes Monica again "made no doubt" and justified herself as the The Real Superstar by winning "THE BEST FEMALE SINGER" and this award "in one go" completed her winning in This year, and this is the Third awards she won This year after winning Class Music Heroes and Dasyat award a moment ago.

And here are The Complete Winner's List...

Best Children Song : Idola Cilik (All Artists)
Best Pop Song : Laskar pelangi (Nidji)
Best New Comer : The Changcuter
Best Pop ALbum : ST 12
Best Male Singer : Afgan
Best Female Singer : Agnes Monica
RBT award : Ungu (Dengan Nafasmu)
Best Dangdut : Ridho Rhoma & Sonet 2 Band
Best Rock : Kotak Band
Best Jazz Album : It's Time (Tohpati)
Best Keroncong : Sebelum AKu Mati (Gesang)
Best RnB ALbum : Sedari Dulu (Tompi)
Best Duo/Group : Kerispatih (Demi Cinta)
Best Recording Producer : The Special One (Yovie and The Nuno)
Best Collaboration : Dewiq feat Ipank (Bete)
Best Dance/electronic Song : Selamat Malam Dunia (Jikustik)
Best Ethnic language song : Koko Thole (Gandrung)
Best ALbum Production : Laskar Pelangi (Nidji)
Lifetime Achievement : God Bless
Album Best of the Best : The Special one (Yovie and The Nuno)

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Agnes Monica Videos in DASYAT AWARD

And Here are The Videos
1st. Agnes Monica winning speech video...

(It soooo Funny hahaha when Agnes Refused to Kiss ARiel Peterpan hahaha, How pity Ariel)

2nd. Agnes Monica Performing "TERUSKANLAH" (From Sacredly Agnezious Album)...

(Hmmm... I Love It, It's Perfect... )

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Agnes Monica 2nd Award in 2009

Agnes Monica won the Most Awesome (Terdasyat) Singer or The Best Solo singer

Yeah Again and again Agnes Monica Won the award, this is the second award for her in 2009 after Class Music Heroes and last night Agnes Monica Beat down the competitors and they were not an ordinary competitors but they were the completely

(Agnes Monica Pic (Penyanyi solo Terdasyat))

archrivals such as Afgan, Anggun, Bunga citra lestari, Rossa, Mulan Jameela and those competitors are being hot for now, and they have a fanatic and loyal fans, but Fortunately Agnes Monica Fans like NezinDAclub, Agnezoners and other fans is more supportive than their Fans. and it's perceptible from winning the award last night in Dasyat AWard, and Agnes Monica Looks so Gorgeous last night, The outfit look her pretty and cute, with the short hairdo, she looks like a girl from the fairy tale and such a cute doll that make all the audience seduced, and she look so perfect at the hillarious night.

But Unfortunately she losed one award in category "Peran dalam VC Terdasyat" (Best Role in VC), actually she worhty of winning the Award, but I really don't understand why did she lose....

And Now, all we have to do is wait and see if Agnes will bring more award to her shelf. To be noted, here are the following upcoming awards AMI Awards (April 24th 2009), SCTV Awards, n Anugerah Industri Muzik.

Once Again Congratulation Agnes Monica for winning The Most Awesome Solo Singer , Hopefully you will win the other upcoming awards...
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---------------------------DASYAT AWARD----------------------


This is DASYAT AWARD, since its presence, Dasyat has won the people attention all throughout the ages, moreover when the TRIO DASYAT(Olga, Luna, Raffi) are crowned to be the presenter of Dasyat which is airing everyday on Rcti at 09.00 WIB, but previously or before now Dasyat was presented by another presenter like Darius sinatria, Yossie "Project Pop, Choky Sitohang and others, but Dasyat got less respon of the TV beholder(Pemirsa)... But Now Dasyat is The most favourite music show on Indonesian Televisions.

And at this 1st DASYAT AWARD Agnes Monica will be on RCTI again to attend 1st DASYAT AWARD, after its outstanding bitrhday celebration a moment ago, DASYAT back again with the fresh exceptional and marvellous DASYAT AWARD which will be held this April 19th at 21.00 WIB/ 09.00 Pm on RCTI, DASYAT AWARD will be presented by "TRIO DASYAT" they are Olga Syahputra (The funniest and the most amusing Presenter who always bring a lotta fun into DASYAT itself), Luna Maya (The Queen of Dasyat), and Raffi Ahmad (Dasyat Player).

Dasyat Award will be jazzed up by many artists/musicians and it will be the shower of hillarity, its gonna be crunk and fun, and here are the guest stars : PETERPAN, ALEXA, KOTAK, AGNES MONICA, THE ROCK, AURA KASIH, GRUVI, PASTO, VIERRA, NINDY, LYLA, SHINOBI, MAHKOTA14. MIZTA D,SOUL ID, NAIF, IRWANSYAH, THE ROCK, PROJECT POP, BUNGA CITRA LESTARI, NAIF.

And I will try to give you the run down or the summary of the show after the show...
So don't miss it guys, just stay tune on Rcti This April 19th... at 21.00 WIB or 09.00 Pm.....
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Anggun embodies the true inspiration for women. An exceptional presence that has been blessed with the a gift of voice that nature has blessed upon, one that distinguishes her from the crowd. She shines simply because what makes her different is also the very thing that in the end, able to speak to women of all ages, ethnicity and backgrounds, and bring them together. The universal gift of a musical heart.

The month of April is sanctified as a day of National rememberance for Indonesians, women, as to be more specific. R.A Kartini had been born on the 21st.And that fateful day heretofore has been comemorized as the date that has altered the fate of Indonesian women for decades after. This sentiment remains the centerpiece of the whole concept that inspires the entire production of Anggun’s “Phenomenally Crazy Tour” – as its heart and soul.

DYTAMA is committed to the biographical task of revealing the real magic behind the glamor and on-stage persona and translating that into an artistic expression that is entertaining, honest, and yet unique in spirits, not unlike the artist herself. And a concept of “Crazy & Phenomenal Biography From Anggun” was born.

The Pre Events will kick off on Saturday, June 13th 2009 naming Bali’s Hard Rock Hotel as its first stop (Sand Island arena). Followed by Gramedia Expo in Surabaya on the 20th then Anggun’s hometown of Jogjakarta would welcome its favorite songstress home at the Jogja Expo on the 1st of August 2009 before the production goes into a short recess, allowing Anggun some down time to recharge and reunite with loved ones. The Road Show would pick up again on November 8th in Medan, and Bandung on the November 15th to complete the roundup. On the warming up leg of the Tour, Anggun would collaborate with her compatriots, local musicians of the current domestic ‘soul sisters’ – Indonesia’s finest singers and performers-rising from the local scene - were natives of each appointed city – or are the current favorite such as : Pinkan Mambo and Gita Guttawa in Surabaya, Agnes Monica in Bali, Rossa in Medan, and Mulan & Mahadewi in Jogjakarta The duration of a set will be 60-minutes for Sand Island Bali and a minimum of 90-minute long set would be requested by the local venue operators (outside Bali’s Sand Island). Any later adjustments would be included on the event rundown that would be released within 2 (two) weeks before the event kick-off.

All throughout the performance, between songs, Anggun shall be narrating a brief monologue containing tidbits of her musical journey and the song repertoire naturally catalogues different arrays of songs from Anggun’s debut up to her last, Elevation. Throughout her entire career, Anggun, has put her most faithful music enthusiasts first and foremost, they played a pivotal role in the whole orchestra that is Anggun’s career up to the present moment and remains as her central gravity.

The solo concert provides the perfect opportunity to annihilate that gap; and bring together the band of faithfuls, affectionately known as Anggunesians, who will be serenaded in 1,5 hours by their favorite singer, as a sign of mutual devotion. In the spirit of music, Anggun and her Anggunesians would once again have the chance to closely engage, and reunite. The way it has always been from day one.

To book the ticket
Phone: 62217827364
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Agnes Monica nominated in 3 " ANNUAL MUSIC AWARDS"

This is a very exciting news. Agnes Monica 3rd album "Sacredly Agnezious" Gold Edition has a great number of sales. Further more, Agnes Monica has nominated in 3 annual Music Awards.

The first
one is SCTV Music Awards,Agnes Monica has been nominated for 3 times in This Award...
1st in 2003, 2nd in 2006 (and she made it, she won the award), 3rd in 2009 or Today, she is nominated for 2 categories, and how to vote her Here is The Format just Type

SMA(space)2 Send to 7288

Don't forget to send the SMS constantly and continuously.

The second AMI Awards for 3 categories, Best Female Vocal, Best RnB, and Best Album Graphic Design, but for this Award you don't need to vote, cuz' the winner is decided by the jury.

and The Third
or the other one is Anugerah Industri Muzik which going to be held in Malaysia and just like AMI AWARD the winner is decided by the Jury and we don't need to vote.

Now we just hope the best for Agnes Monica, we hope she will win those 3 Awards, and hope fully all the Juries give the best and an objective evaluation and judgement for each categories, and make the best decision, cuz' Agnes Monica worhty to be the WINNER... She deserve it...

credit :

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Video Performances of Agnes Monica

And guys here are some Videos Performance of Agnes Monica from SACREDLY AGNEZIOUS LAUNCHING, it's awesome, energetic, adorable, powerfull, and outstanding, enjoy her great body move and her dance, hmmm delicious like a chocolate hahahha....

The first one "KU T'LAH JATUH CINTA" new version (REMIX)

(as for me This performance is the greatest, The music and the beat I deadly love it...)

"Bukan Milikmu Lagi (New Version)"

(Listen to the music it's so crunchy like a chip hahhaha...)

"A.G.N.E.Z (new single)" Composed by Agnes Monica and Yudis Dwikora

(It's Awesome It's soooooo AgneZ)

Agnes Monica Feat Bams "Tak Bisa (New Version)"
But There's some trouble wit' the Microphone...

Enjoy guys...

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Alright guys here some of Agnes Monica's Pics from the Lauching of Sacredly Agnezious, hope you all love it, and feel free to enjoy...

(Agnes Monica Symbol "A")

(Nez feat Bams Samson)

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(Sacredly Agnezious Cover Album)

After waiting for 3 years, the third Album of Agnes Monica "SACREDLY AGNEZIOUS" finally released and launched in April 1st at 22.00 WIB or at 10 pm on RCTI...
This Album is very special to all the fans especially to Agnes itself, Cuz' in this Album she composed some of the songs, consist of A.G.N.E.Z, SHAKE IT OFF, GODAI AKU LAGI, and 3 more songs in the LIMITED EDITION ALBUM, This album is more mature and more Todays Things, The Beats is awesome and tempt the people who listening the music to dance, and in this album we can listen a very different style of music of the songs which composed by Agnes Monica from the songs which composed by other composer, The songs which composed by Agnes Monica is younger and more todays music. just like Agnes Monica itself, Young, energetic, enthusiastic and dynamic, definetily This Album is enjoy worthy....

So Guys Just Go to the Music STore and buy it as quick as possible... and then hit the music, Agnes will gonna rock ya...

About The lauching of Sacredly Agnezious, actually the show was Awesome but too short, many people dissappointed because the time was too short, The Fans and the people who watched the concert on Tv felt a lil' bit upset, we want the time is more more longer, and more more outstanding, because we know Agnes Monica really can do it. she's such an outstanding young Diva that everybody want to be...

Guys buy this ALBUM and you will feel it, it's Great, I BET!!!

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