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---------------------------DASYAT AWARD----------------------


This is DASYAT AWARD, since its presence, Dasyat has won the people attention all throughout the ages, moreover when the TRIO DASYAT(Olga, Luna, Raffi) are crowned to be the presenter of Dasyat which is airing everyday on Rcti at 09.00 WIB, but previously or before now Dasyat was presented by another presenter like Darius sinatria, Yossie "Project Pop, Choky Sitohang and others, but Dasyat got less respon of the TV beholder(Pemirsa)... But Now Dasyat is The most favourite music show on Indonesian Televisions.

And at this 1st DASYAT AWARD Agnes Monica will be on RCTI again to attend 1st DASYAT AWARD, after its outstanding bitrhday celebration a moment ago, DASYAT back again with the fresh exceptional and marvellous DASYAT AWARD which will be held this April 19th at 21.00 WIB/ 09.00 Pm on RCTI, DASYAT AWARD will be presented by "TRIO DASYAT" they are Olga Syahputra (The funniest and the most amusing Presenter who always bring a lotta fun into DASYAT itself), Luna Maya (The Queen of Dasyat), and Raffi Ahmad (Dasyat Player).

Dasyat Award will be jazzed up by many artists/musicians and it will be the shower of hillarity, its gonna be crunk and fun, and here are the guest stars : PETERPAN, ALEXA, KOTAK, AGNES MONICA, THE ROCK, AURA KASIH, GRUVI, PASTO, VIERRA, NINDY, LYLA, SHINOBI, MAHKOTA14. MIZTA D,SOUL ID, NAIF, IRWANSYAH, THE ROCK, PROJECT POP, BUNGA CITRA LESTARI, NAIF.

And I will try to give you the run down or the summary of the show after the show...
So don't miss it guys, just stay tune on Rcti This April 19th... at 21.00 WIB or 09.00 Pm.....

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