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Agnes Monica on nomination again

Agnes Monica, Indonesian young super diva who has achieved a tremendous success in all part of entertainment industries, among other things Singing, acting, advertising and a lot more, listed as a nominee at 9th APM (Anugerah Planet Muzik) Singapore, which will be held In Jakarta Convention Centre on July 18th, this is the umpteenth time she got nominated in such awards and as well as the first time Anugerah Planet Muzic Award celebrated in Indonesia.

Besides, Agnes Monica also ever so often nominated in many such music awards, furthermore, there are other Indonesian musicians who are nominated in this award, among other Afgan, Dirly, and so on, we hope Agnes Monica will win this award.

If Agnes Monica win this award it will be the 2nd award for her from Anugerah Planet Music award, and it will medicate the wound of losing the award at SCTV Music Award just a month ago, as for me she should be the winner, because as of today She still the most talented singer in Asia.

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Latuminggi said...

Yes.. She is one of the best singer from Indonesia.
Wow.. She is very beautiful on that pic, even with a fake hair.
Good to know you.. nice blog :D

Yanz a.k.a nezmon said...

Thanx for commenting on ma' blog, keep droppin' by hehehhe

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