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Agnes Monica at Festival of Life aired on MetroTv

This was another spectaculer Nationality event which was attended by Agnes Monica, after attending the great celebration of HARKITNAS (National Awakening Day) about a year ago, Agnes Monica once again invited to sing Indonesian Anthem "INDONESIA PUSAKA" at Festival Of Live which has been held in Bali on Mei 23rd ago, the costumes and the the collosal performances was designed by Kansai Yamamoto,

Festival of Life was held to commemorate 50 years of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Japan, theer were spectaculer and collosal, this festival involving 1,200 performers, including the well-known entertainer from both countries, from Indonesia, The Indonesian Young Superdiva Agnes Monica, and Japan Sato Anna.

And the climax of the festival was the raising of a giant air balloon in the shape of a tiger which representing the two countries and followed by the launch of hundreds of paper lantern into the air. this show really really amazed the people who were watching the show, and as for me the festival made my nationality spirit being fiery and flame up.

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