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Vote Agnes Monica oN MTV INDONESIA AWARD 2009

Hi guys, it's Me Yantizho or Yanz...

sorry for not updating my Blog about 2 months, and I'm back again with an update news from our Indonesian Young Super-Diva Agnes Monica, as usual Agnes Monica on nomination again at 2009 MIA (Mtv Indonesia Award), and she is nominated in three(3) categories, they are
2. BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR=> There are 2 Agnes Monica's Video Clip in this Category, They are GODAI AKU LAGI (Tease Me More) and JANJI-JANJI(Promises), but I think we better vote for Janji-Janji, because that's the latest Video Clip from Agnes Monica, eventhouh Godai Aku Lagi more Spectaculer...

so we need your support by voting Agnes Monica In Mtv Indonesia Award (MIA 2009), it soooo easy to do that, just click the Image bellow and then Vote for Agnes Monica in all categories or you can click this link CLICK-HERE

let's unite to make Agnes Monica be the absolute winner... we really need your support and participation,

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Yanz a.k.a nezmon said...

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