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Irfan Bachdim Bios

Let's find out Irfan Bachdim much deeper !!!

Irfan Bachdim (born in Amsterdam, August 11, 1988, age 22 years) is an Indonesian footballer, His mother is Dutch descent while his father is Indonesian of Arab descent. Currently, he is strengthening Persema Malang in Indonesia Super League. Irfan Bachdim was recruited by Persema Coach Timo Scheunemann along with Kim Jefri Kurniawan. Coach Persema Malang was interested when he and other Indonesian talented young players were playing in charity matches to football figure, Lucky Acub Zaenal at Gajayana Stadium, Malang. He could almost defend football team U-23 Indonesia in the Asian Games 2006 - Qatar. Unfortunately, Irfan Bachdim should be absent from the tournament due to injury. On July 2009 Irfan Bachdim transferred without cost to the HFC Haarlem club.

In the play, Irfan Bachdim can hold various positions, Irfan Bachdim can occupy the position of striker, midfielder or wing. Irfan Bachdim follows the footstep of his father, Noval Bachdim Persema Malang players in the era of the 80s. Large family of his father still living in Lawang, Malang. Irfan Bachdim currently incorporated in the care of Alfred Riedl as Indonesian national team coach, for the AFF Cup 2010. His debut with the national team was started when the national team 6-0 in friendly match against East Timor, in Kilkenny, November 21, 2010.

Irfan's first performance with the national team was officially occurred on December 1, 2010, in the AFF SUZUKI CUP 2010, Indonesia beat Malaysia 5 -1. Irfan Bachdim himself scored 1 goal in the match. His performance and his good-looking face rapidly gained a large of fans, particularly among girls.

Irfan Bachdim

Full name : Irfan Haarys Bachdim
Date of Birth : August 11, 1988 (age 22)
Place of birth : Amsterdam, Netherlands
Height : 1.72 m (5 ft 8 in)
Playing position : Midfielder, Striker
Back No. : 10

Junior Football Career

The club is now : Persema poor
1999-2001 : Ajax Amsterdam
2002: SV Argon
2003-2007 : FC Utrecht

Senior Football Career

The club is now : Persema poor
2008-2009 : FC Utrecht
2009 : HFC Haarlem

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Final AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Indonesia vs Malaysia

Indonesia to fight against Malaysia in the final round AFF SUZUKI CUP 2010 !!!

After competing in the qualifying round and managed to wipe out Malaysia, Indonesia will again deal with Malaysia on AFF Suzuki Cup Final which will be held on 29 December, although the match is still several days away but the supporters of Indonesia's National Team can not wait to watch that final match.

Indonesia's football is on the rise, it looked from previous matches in the preliminary round, Indonesia managed to embarrass Malaysia with score 5 : 1, Laos 6 : 0, Thailand 2 : 1 and the Philippines 2 : 0, this is a proud achievement, recently, Indonesia's football is experiencing some internal and external conflict though.

Because of the success of the Indonesia's national team in the previous Matches, hopefully Indonesia can be The AFF Cup Champion this year, hopefully those players who will compete later as Christian Gonzalez, Okto, Firman Utina, Nasuha, Bambang Pamungkas, Arif Suryono, Irfan Bachdim and others can show their best performances.

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Talk About Super Junior !!! Who are they ???

Talking about the Phenomenal Super Junior !!!

Let's talk about a pretty phenomenal boy band called SUPER JUNIOR, I first heard the name of that boy band was in 2009, exactly when Agnes Monica was invited to sing on asia song festival 2009, which also featured Super Junior. So'I know there's a boyband named super junior because of Agnes Monica.

I'm one of Agnes Monica
fans community website "AGNEZONE" members, coincidentally, in Asia Song Festival 2009 Agnes Monica was appointed as the representative of Indonesia to Asia Song Festival for the second time after the earlier, precisely in 2008, Agnes Monica was also invited to perform at the Asia Song Festival 2008 with DBSK, SNSD and many more...

This Festival was held in Worldcup stadium Seoul Korea, based on the singers who are invited to and the enthusiasm of people in some Asian countries, especially koreans, It can be counted as one of the largest music festivals in asia.

Agnes Monica, Super Junior and others at the backstage

Agnes Monica and Sungmin

Initially, I assumed that they are simply the same as ordinary boyband in general, and I wasn't interested in finding out anything about them until I found some pictures of that boyband members such as Siwon and Sungmin who were talking with Agnes Monica, that's certainly forced me to googled them.
Agnes Monica And Siwon Super Junior

Furthermore, my curiosity on this boyband triggered by the "Channel V Battles", again and again Super Junior and Agnes Monica met, but this time not on stage but on Channel V Battle Of The Move and Battle Of The Pop Agnes Monica vs. Super Junior.

Agnes Monica and Sungmin stared at each other hmmm...

If I am not mistaken, Agnes Monica beat Super J
unior and then competed with TVXQ in the final round, I still remember that battle since I were one of the voters who successfully crushed down Super Junior hahaha...

Siwon was telling something to Agnes Monica

Though I've seen some of their videos, I don't like and not interested in them (this is only a matter of taste). I am more interested in discussing their fans that named ELF. I don't know what ELF stands for though. They are so enthusiastic and fanatic. So' Please Don't mess with them lol...
All the boys Super Junior

Judging from the frequency of SUPER JUNIOR on trending topic, I think, this boyband is the only Asian boyband who can beat the existence of Justin Bieber who used to be Trending Topic almost everyday. As for me what makes Super Junior looks sparkling is Just Their Fans instead of their talent (Just My Opinion).
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Taylor Swift Planning For Her 21st Birthday...

Taylor Swift is planning a Christmas-themed birthday party !!!

The Country Singer, Taylor Swift planned to make a birthday party on the 21st, 13 December 2010. But the Singer who is having an affair with actor Jake Gyllenhaal did not want to do it in the club.

“I love having a Christmas themed birthday party so people can give each other presents at my birthday party, so it’s not so much a spotlight birthday [thing] — especially with a 21st birthday where people are like, ‘Huh? Huh? What’s she gonna do?’” Swift said.

“I didn’t want it to be a crazy club thing, I just want it to be very me and the me thing to do would be to have a Christmas birthday party.”

Taylor wanted to hold a Christmas-themed birthday party for everyone who comes to exchanging gifts. "So' my party is not a too festive party. Moreover, it's 21st Birthday. People will usually ask, what to do," says the singer of 'Love Story'.

Taylor Swift who will be 21 years old on 13 December also said that She is not too fond of the party, Taylor considers this birthday party as a forum to spend time with her beloved ones.

Though Taylor Swift's birthday still several days away, but the fans have presented her a mini gift for her via twitter, Almost all day, "BIRTHDAY TAYLOR" is in the rank of TwitterTrending Topic list.

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Justin Bieber Mustache

Have you ever wondered what Justin Bieber looks like with a mustache ???

The fans and reporters who faithfully waited for Justin Bieber out of a fancy restaurant in London yesterday was really surprised. Because their idol who is still teen has left the restaurant with a mustache on his face !

Justin Bieber, at that time, was having dinner at a fancy restaurant called La Porte De Indes. After enjoying the meal, Bieber was casually strolled towards the car which was waiting for him.

Surprisingly, when He came out, looks a mustache on the upper of Bieber's lip. Apparently, this mustache was a fake mustache, which probably drew by himself.

Justin Bieber also looked homey wearing that mustache while flying a mini helicopter with remote control. This helicopter was hovering over his bodyguard head who helped him get into the car.

However, before Justin Bieber got into the car, the helicopter crashed and hit the ground. Bieber himself leisurely abandoned his helicopter and immediately entered the car.
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Grammy Awards 2011 Nominations

The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards will take place in Los Angeles at Staples Center on Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011, and will air live on the CBS Television Network from 8–11:30 p.m. (ET/PT).

The Grammy Awards 2011 is going to be one of the most exciting and memorable things in 2011. now let's get down to the main topic, Let's find out The 2011 Grammy Awards Nominations list.

Here Are the complete List Of Grammy Awards 2011 Nominations :

Record Of The Year

1. NOTHIN' ON YOU - B.o.B Featuring Bruno Mars
2. LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE - Eminem Featuring Rihanna
3. F*** YOU - Cee Lo Green
4. EMPIRE STATE OF MIND - Jay-Z & Alicia Keys
5. NEED YOU NOW Lady Antebellum

Album Of The Year

1. THE SUBURBS - Arcade Fire
2. RECOVERY - Eminem
3. NEED YOU NOW - Lady Antebellum
5. TEENAGE DREAM - Katy Perry

Song Of The Year
1. BEG STEAL OR BORROW - Ray LaMontagne
2. F*** YOU - Cee Lo Green
3. THE HOUSE THAT BUILT ME - Miranda Lambert
4. LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE - Eminem Featuring Rihanna
5. NEED YOU NOW - Lady Antebellum

Best New Artist

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance
1. KING OF ANYTHING - Sara Bareilles
2. HALO (LIVE) - Beyonce
3. CHASING PIRATES - Norah Jones
4. BAD ROMANCE - Lady Gaga
5. TEENAGE DREAM - Katy Perry

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance
1. HAVEN'T MET YOU YET - Michael Buble
2. THIS IS IT - Michael Jackson
3. WHATAYA WANT FROM ME - Adam Lambert
4. JUST THE WAY YOU ARE - Bruno Mars
5. HALF OF MY HEART - John Mayer

Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals
2. MISERY - Maroon 5

Best Pop Vocal Album
1. MY WORLD 2.0 - Justin Bieber
2. I DREAMED A DREAM - Susan Boyle
4. BATTLE STUDIES - John Mayer
5. TEENAGE DREAM - Katy Perry

Best Rock Album
3. BACKSPACER - Pearl Jam
4. MOJO - Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
5. LE NOISE - Neil Young

Best Dance Recording
1. ROCKET - Goldfrapp
2. IN FOR THE KILL - La Roux
3. DANCE IN THE DARK - Lady Gaga

Best Electronic/Dance Album
2. FURTHER - The Chemical Brothers
3. HEAD FIRST - Goldfrapp
4. BLACK LIGHT - Groove Armada
5. LA ROUX - La Roux

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album
1. CRAZY LOVE - Michael Buble
5. LOVE IS THE ANSWER - Barbra Streisand

Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance
1. RUN BACK TO YOUR SIDE - Eric Clapton
2. CROSSROADS - John Mayer
3. HELTER SKELTER - Paul McCartney
4. SILVER RIDER - Robert Plant
5. ANGRY WORLD - Neil Young

Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals
1. READY TO START - Arcade Fire
2. I PUT A SPELL ON YOU - Jeff Beck & Joss Stone
3. TIGHTEN UP - The Black Keys
4. RADIOACTIVE - Kings Of Leon

Best Hard Rock Performance
1. A LOOKING IN VIEW - Alice In Chains
2. LET ME HEAR YOU SCREAM - Ozzy Osbourne
3. BLACK RAIN - Soundgarden
4. BETWEEN THE LINES - Stone Temple Pilots
5. NEW FANG - Them Crooked Vultures

Best Metal Performance
1. EL DORADO - Iron Maiden
3. IN YOUR WORDS - Lamb Of God
4. SUDDEN DEATH - Megadeth

Best Rock Song
1. ANGRY WORLD - Neil Young
2. LITTLE LION MAN - Mumford & Sons
3. RADIOACTIVE - Kings of Leon
5. TIGHTEN UP - The Black Keys

Best Alternative Music Album
1. THE SUBURBS - Arcade Fire
2. INFINITE ARMS - Band Of Horses
3. BROTHERS - The Black Keys
4. BROKEN BELLS - Broken Bells
5. CONTRA - Vampire Weekend

Best Female R&B Vocal Performance
1. GONE ALREADY - Faith Evans
2. BITTERSWEET - Fantasia
4. TIRED - Kelly Price

Best Male R&B Vocal Performance
4. WE'RE STILL FRIENDS - (Kirk Whalum &) Musiq Soulchild

Best R&B Album

2. BACK TO ME - Fantasia
4. WAKE UP! - John Legend & The Roots

Best Rap Song
1. EMPIRE STATE OF MIND - Jay-Z & Alicia Keys
2. LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE - Eminem & Rihanna
3. NOT AFRAID - Eminem
4. NOTHIN' ON YOU - B.o.B & Bruno Mars
5. ON TO THE NEXT ONE - Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz

Best Rap Album
3. RECOVERY - Eminem
5. HOW I GOT OVER - The Roots

Best Female Country Vocal Performance

1. SATISFIED - Jewel
2. THE HOUSE THAT BUILT ME - Miranda Lambert
3. SWINGIN - LeAnn Rimes
4. TEMPORARY HOME - Carrie Underwood
5. I'D LOVE TO BE YOUR LAST - Gretchen Wilson

Best Male Country Vocal Performance
1. MACON - Jamey Johnson
3. TURNING HOME - David Nail
5. GETTIN’ YOU HOME - Chris Young

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Eminem led The 2011 Grammy Awards nominations

Eminem is reportedly nominated in ten nominations of Grammy Awards 2011.
Eminem in the top 10 nominations, including : 'Song Of The Year', 'Record Of The Year' for 'Love The Way You Lie', 'Best Rap Album', 'Best Album' for the album 'Recovery'.

This Detroit rapper will compete with Lady Gaga through the album 'The Fame Monster', Katy Perry to 'Teenage Dream', Arcade Fire with 'The Suburbs' and Lady Antebellum for 'Need You Now'.

Based on information from on Thursday (02/12/2010), in addition to Eminem, who led the second highest nominations is Bruno Mars by receiving seven nominations. While Jay-Z, Lady Gaga and Lady Antebellum grab six nominations.

Meanwhile, the sensational teenage singer Justin Bieber got only two nominations are for 'Best New Artist' and Best Pop Vocal Album. The 53rd Grammy Awards itself will be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 13, 2011.
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Agnes Monica Performance On American Music Awards 2010

Agnes Monica World Premiere on American Music Awards 2010 !!!

Agnes Monica was interviewed by Paparazzi

Today is a very exciting day for me and All of Agnes Monica's Fans in the whole universe haha, just imagine, today is the world premiere of Agnes Monica on American Music Awards, What a great day!
Agnes Monica with Danny Gokey
She performed with Christian Chávez, Mexican singer, They both performed acoustically, again and again I felt so wowed by Agnes Monica's Powerful voice, SHE NAILED IT !!! She Killed that song !!!

It comes as no surprise for Agnes Monica got a good deal of compliments either from her wonderful and supportive fans or from her co-host partners via their Twitter accounts
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Prince William Engagement to Miss Catherine Middleton.

Prince William engaged to his girlfriend Kate Middleton !!!

Prince William has been engaged to his girlfriend, Kate Middleton. Prince William and Kate Middleton dated for a few years after meeting at the St. Andrews University in Fife, Scotland

A special, William uses a ring that used to be his mother's ring, Princess Diana when betrothed to Prince Charles in 1981. The ring that equipped with 18-carat sapphire eyes is now pinned on Kate Middleton's ring finger.

Engagement proposal have been submitted when they're on vacation in Kenya, Africa.

To the press, William admitted planning the proposal since long.

"I've been planning it and in my opinion, proposed to her in Africa is something that is right. When it's really beautiful, I wanted to show my romantic side," he said, "as loaded on site, Wednesday, November 17, 2010.

William admitted that he had brought the ring in his backpack made three weeks prior to proposal.

"I keep it, because I know if you lose, it will create many problems, because I had planned it, Fortunately, all went well."

Furthermore, William had a special reason why wearing a ring owned by his mother who died in 1997 ago to tie up his girlfriend. He said that He did not want to set aside Diana from his wedding.

"This is how I made sure, my mother took part in all the joy of my marriage," he said.

While pursuing his military career, Prince William still takes time out for royal engagements.He flew into Afghanistan on Sunday for a surprise visit to honour Britain's war dead, attending a ceremony at Camp Bastion in Helmand province, the home of the estimated 9,500 British troops deployed in the country.
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The Premiere of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

The Premiere of harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows !!!

The cast of Harry Potter (Emma Watson. Daniel Radclife, Rupert grind)

The Movie that You have been waiting for has finally released. Now we can see Last series of Harry Potter's story in cinema. Since the plot intricate and long, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows split into two parts. The movies will both be released exactly a year after Part I aired.

London's Leicester Square, enlivened by the presence of the cast of the Harry Potter movie , as Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grind, They walked past the Red Carpet for the world premiere of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows : Part One

Thousands of fans braved and killed the cold weather and camped out just to watch the cast and the premiere of the movie Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows : Part One

Here is the Video of
World Premiere Highlights of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : Part One. via Youtube

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Barack Obama in Indonesia

Finally Barack Obama visited Indonesia (His childhood country) !!!

After experiencing two times delay, Eventually U.S. President Barack Obama visited Indonesia on November 9th. Obama was arrive in Indonesia at 04.25 PM through Halim Perdanakusumah Airport. Obama was scheduled to make a visit to the Tomb of Heroes Kalibata coincide with Heroes Day tomorrow.

Barack Obama Coming to Indonesia was in the framework of a series of short trips to several Asian countries, including India and South Korea. on the chance that by his coming to Indonesia will increase and stregthen Indonesia - United States partnership in trade and security.

Barack Obama and Wife Michelle Obama Arrived at Jakarta

Regardless of all those official and formal stuffs, after Barack Obama arrived in Jakarta and held a brief meeting with President SBY, In the evening, he was invited to the banquet dinner with the President SBY and all those prominent people in Indonesia.

Dinner At The Presidential Palace

The next day, Barack Obama paid a visit to several places in Indonesia, especially Jakarta and its vicinity, he gave a public lecture at the University of Indonesia, then a visit to the Mosque Istiqal and then flew to South Korea. yet Barack Obama should have visited and attended some other place, included, should have been a guest star in a special talk show "OBAMAININDONESIA" with Agnes Monica (Indonesian Pop Star) and two other RCTI reporters.

Barack Obama was giving a public lecture in UI

However, for safety reasons, Barack Obama should shorten his visit in Indonesia, only 18 hours, 6 hours reduced from the original schedule. These security reasons related to the crater of Mount Merapi which is feared would damage the U.S. presidential aircraft engines which at that time was in Jakarta.

Barack Obama little family

But Mr. Barack Obama promises that he will come back to Indonesia next year along with Michelle Obama (his wife) and their daughters, Malia Ann and Sasha. I hope It will come true and Obama's big family can enjoy BAKSO(Meatball), SATE and EMPING again (Obama's Favourite Indonesian Foods).

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Justin Bieber Fans vs Jonas Brothers Fans

Who is your favourite Guy ???

Actually, this is a long story if Justin Bieber Fans often at loggerheads with the Jonas Brothers fans, I have no idea what makes them attack each other, definitely and frequently, There are always wars between Justin Bieber fans vs Jonas Brothers fans on twitter, as far as I know, Jonas Brothers fans are far more aggressive and offensive than Justin Bieber Fans.

Both camps are ridiculing each other, perhaps, because they are still teenagers, labile and easily provoked, just like most groups of celebrities fans. for example, I myself, used to fight and argue with the fans of other artists who were making fun of my idol. as a fan, I was easily provoked to anger, but on second thought it was very embarrassing and ever so often made me ashamed of myself hahaha

As far as I'm concerned, All the Fans of whomsoever out there, Do not be easy provoked, especially Jonas Brothers Fans and Justin Bieber Fans who are most of them are teenagers, Stop fighting, just take it easy !!!
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Agnes Monica's BEST Performances ever (My Version)

Agnes Monica's BEST Performances ever !!!

Frankly, every time I'm online I always make time to drop by on youtube, I like to watch videos from outside Indonesia that I can not watch in local tvs, youtube is like my close friend.

Well, one of the best videos I find on youtube is a video of Agnes Monica, I am most diligently to see the latest video of her, although I can watch it on tv, sometimes, I often missed it.

Yesterday I was watching some old videos of Agnes Monica, and found some very unusual appearance (she was always wonderful, of course) therefore, I got desire to create a list of Agnes Monica's greatest performances according to my version.

These videos also to ward off all the people underestimation toward Agnes Monica, Some people keep saying saying that Agnes Monica always lipsynch, Agnes Monica is not that way, She is really amazing and perfect and able to sing while dancing on stage.

I dare say that Agnes Monica has the capability of singing while dancing perfectly.

She is not lipsyncher !!!

Well, here are the best performances by Agnes Monica according to me.

Agnes Monica's Best Performances for BALLAD SONGs

1. Karena Ku Sanggup by Agnes Monica (Composed by Agnes Monica & Andi Riyanto)

2. Matahariku By Agnes Monica herself

3. Cinta Di Ujung Jalan by Agnes Monica

4. BELIEVE by Whitney Houston feat Mariah Carey

5. I Turn To You By Christina Aguilera

6. Have You Ever by Brandy

7. Teruskanlah by Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica's Best Performance for UPBEAT SONGs (I love this part hehe)

1. Godai Aku Lagi "Tease Me More" By Agnes Monica (Composed by Agnes Monica)

2. Shake it Off by Agnes Monica (Composed by Agnes Monica)

3. Ini Gila Ini Cinta, "This is crazy, This is Love" by Agnes Monica

4. Shake It Off live in ASF 2009 SEOUL KOREA

5. Janji-Janji by Agnes Monica (I really love this one)

So' guys feel free to watch what you like the most, or Do you have your own most favourite performances ??? Tell me and I will put it here.

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Cheryl Cole Promise

Cheryl Cole Promise Lyric !!!

Are You Guys searching for Cheryl Cole promise Lyric ???

You Are, Right ???

Allright, Since so many people all around the world are being busy searching for this lyric, so I will be nicely post Cheryl Cole "Promise" lyric here, hope it corrects, since my english is not so good, if you find a wrong lyric in it, just give me a correction by leaving comments below...

Cheryl Cole Promise Lyric :

Alouette uette uette
Alouette uette uette
Alouette uette uette
Déployer l'aile

In my beginning there was nothing so empty in the space between
And you came in turned the lights on and created what it’s came to be
Before I pluck your wings cover me please spread your wings cover me and

Promise this if I die before I wake oh
Promise this take a time to say your grace
On your knees you pray for me
Promise this be the last to kiss my lips

Alouette uette uette
Alouette uette uette
Alouette uette uette
Déployer l'aile (x2)

Though I'm walking through the shadows you are with me and you comfort me
Lay me down now time for sleeping but before that would you…on me
Before I pluck your wings cover me please spread your wings cover me and

Promise this if I die before I wake oh
Promise this take a time to say your grace
On your knees you pray for me
Promise this be the last to kiss my lips

Alouette uette uette
Alouette uette uette
Alouette uette uette
Déployer l'aile (x2)

By a thread we're hanging on
In the hope you don't let go
If you ever leave me
No, I wanna go with you

Promise this if I die before I wake oh
Promise this take a time to say your grace
On your knees you pray for me
Promise this be the last to kiss my lips

Alouette uette uette
Alouette uette uette
Alouette uette uette
Déployer l'aile
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Wow Taylor Swift Dating Jake Gyllenhaal

Wow Taylor Swift Dating A Guy named Jake Gyllenhaal !!!

Celebrities always closed to rumors, especially those hollywood stars and singers, recently, there is a rumor going about Taylor Swift, rumors saying that Taylor Swift is in a relationship with a man named Jake Gyllenhaal.

According to American Magazine, That country singer who was close with Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner and John Mayer was spotted spending time with actor Jake Gyllenhaal. This couple looks really enjoyed their time together in Brooklyn, New York this weekend.

Taylor Swift And Jake Gyllenhaal

This news comes shortly after Taylor Swift-who had been dating one of the supporting cast Twilight Taylor Lautner, hit the headlines with her new album Speak Now, which she claims contains songs aimed at her ex-boyfriends.

This blonde singer has said that in her life She did not have a strategy for love affair. Failures of her relationship in the past make this 20-year-old singer chose to be more careful in looking for a companion.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Meanwhile, the man who reportedly dating Taylor Swift has been longtime single since his relationship ended with the famous hollywood Star Reese Witherspoon.
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Willow Smith Whip My Hair.

Who is Willow Smith ???

Willow Smith is the daughter of Oscar-winning Hollywood actor, Will Smith , maybe some of you do not familiar with her name. As formerly She's just a voice in some movies such as Madagascar Escape To Africa and so on...

Willow Smith is the sister of Jaden Smith, A young actor/rapper/composer who has succesfully starred THE KARATE KID with Jackie Chan.

First Single WHIP MY HAIR !!

Willow Smith has released her first single "WHIP MY HAIR" that has been viewed by more than 7000,000 viewers on Youtube in just 6 days. Wow that's terrific !!! reportedly She's preparing her debut album with her nutty drop-dead Mom Jada Pinket.

Willow Smith And Big Family (Will Smith, Jada Pinket and jaden Smith)

Willow Smith and Jaden Smith

The youngest member of this multi-talented family is following in her Grammy-winning dad’s footsteps : She is ready to rock the music industry...

Just let us wait for her debut album, hopefully it is great and worth buying as well as worth listening !!!
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Beyonce Pregnant ???

Is Beyonce Pregnant ???

Along this day Beyonce Pregnant has been being trending on twitter, most of the twitter members are talking about her pregnancy rumors.

Initially. I thought that it was true untill Ryan Seacrest via his twitter account tweeted that Beyonce is not pregnant, It means that rumors just a HOAX !!! And Ryan also tweeted a LINK URL That Link is about Beyonce's Mom who was attending The ellen Show and gave the clarification due to Her Daughter (Beyonce) pregnancy rumors.

Beyonce's mom "Tina Knowles" just blew the lid off the story that her daughter is pregnant telling Ellen DeGeneres, the rumors are simply "not true."

So The conclusion is Beyonce Knowless is not pregnant !!!!
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Justin Bieber Punched A Child

Is It True Justin Bieber Punched A 12 Years Child ???

Again and again Justin Bieber was exposed to unpleasant issue after rumors that stated Justin Bieber was a 51-year-old man who was in disguise, now, there a latest rumors saying that Justin hit a boy aged 12 years and that Boy was hurt.

Justin Bieber accused of beating a 12-year-old child. As a result, Justin Bieber had to deal with the law. He underwent the examination because of the case.

After the boy complained, Justin Bieber picked up by police and forced out of the center laser game in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Reportedly, The 16-year-old singer was taken to the police station and investigated there.

A news station is now saying that he "might be under investigation"

Hmmm.. It seems like Justin Bieber is being bullied by those who wants to ruin his sparkling career and the press.

Well' apart from whether it's true or not, Justin Bieber is merely a human being like human in general, He also has a sense of anger, He will get angry when someone annoys him just like most people do.

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Justin Bieber Punched a 12-year-old boy

Is It True Justin Bieber Punched A Child ???

Again and again Justin Bieber was exposed to unpleasant issue after rumors that stated Justin Bieber was a 51-year-old man who was in disguise, now, there a latest rumors saying that Justin hit a boy aged 12 years and that Boy was hurt.

Bieber accused of beating a 12-year-old child. As a result, Justin Bieber had to deal with the law. He underwent the examination because of the case.

After the boy complained, Justin Bieber picked up by police and forced out of the center laser game in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Reportedly, The 16-year-old singer was taken to the police station and investigated there.

Hmmm.. It see
ms like Justin Bieber is being bullied by those who wants to ruin his sparkling career and the press.

Well' apart from whether it's true or not, Justin Bieber is merely a human being like human in general, He also has a sense of anger, He will get angry when someone annoys him just like most people do.
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Christina Aguilera Divorce Rumors

OMG Christina Aguilera is going to divorce !!!

Powerful Singer Christina Aguilera has flown to Hawaii in an attempt to escape form the Paparazzies who want to interview her concerning the news about their marital problems.

Previously, Christina has announced a farewell message from her husband, Jordan Bratman on 11 October.
She filed for divorce from that music executive (his husband).

To divert attention, Christina Aguilera and the producer, Tricky Stewart flew to Oahu, such as quoted from Christina will also attend the opening of the exclusive Hotel Edition while he is in Waikiki, Hawaii

I'm completely shocked when I heard about Christina Aguilera Divorce Rumors, I am a big fan of her, I adore her since I was junior high school and now I've got my bachelor's degree.

Whereas previously, they were one of the most matching pairs celebrities for me, It's so woeful to hear this rumors.

I heard that they are more like friend than husband now. They're apparently irreconcilable.

Well' as a good fan I'm just hoping the best for them both, I hope They will choose the right path due to the settlement of their marital problems.

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