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The Poker Temptation

Fooled by ZyngaPoker
Poker is simply like a sexy woman who easily seduces a man to love her and many of them are addicted to Poker, spending their time playing it all day. I am actually one of the victims :P. Previously, I wasn't addicted to this online game until my friend asked me to play it and I thought, why NOT?"

And you know what?
Since the first time I played poker I've been addicted to and hooked on it till this time. I closely spend my time playing poker 3-5 hours each day and after playing it then I realize that I was fooled by poker. Huh *Sigh*. Actually (and definitely), I want to snap out of this bad habit. Hence, I try to busy myself with other stuff. However hard it is, I'll keep trying because it's not that easy to stop this addiction.

You have to have chips to play poker anyway because chips are the only key to play poker. That's why poker-mania is always trying hard to grab as many chips as possible. Hmmm, I'm a poker freak and I've been experiencing what if feels like becoming a poker freak. Accordingly, I'd rather you didn't play or even try poker. Just play other games. But, If you're still curious about it, then just try it and get a feel for it.

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