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Avril Lavigne becomes Trending Topic because of her Birthday

Avril Lavigne Trending Topic on Twitter.

Do you have Twitter account ???

If You have, just log in to your twitter right away and check the trending topic, HappyBdayAvril is one of them, yeah Today is Avril's Brithday, She was born on 24 September 1984, She's 26 now, She's still young, her look even too young for her age, I wish I could be that way hehe

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks nowdays beside facebook, Twitter is the rightest place to promote and sell your product, The only key to make it real is go grab as many follower and attention as possible then ask them to tweet or retweet your tweet, afterward just wait and see, if you have enough soldiers (or followers) who tweet your tweet, your tweet/product will be shown on trending topic lists.

Just Join twitter and let's make Trending topic like HappuBdayAvril...

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