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David Beckham Allegedly having an affair with a Hoe

David Beckham was caught having an affair with a Hoe !

Irma Nici and David Beckham

This news was heating sounded after the United State magazine’s published, the Touch Weekly proved that Victoria Beckham’s husband was having an affair with a prostitute named Irma NICI. That magazine was claiming that Beckham spent $10,000 per night for a total of five nights with an ex-call girl.

Hmmm... $10.000 per night !!! Can you imagine getting that bunch of money just by having a sex (oops) with a Superstar Football Player like Beckham ?!? I don't want to be his one-night stand girl though hahahaha...

What's up with his drop-dead wive victoria Beckham?

Victoria is reportedly an aggressive and possessive wife, She won't let any girl teases The apple of her eye David Beckham, We can definitely figure her reaction regarding to this rumor, She should be furious and feel unhappy about it.

According to the recent news That couple are battling against the allegation that David had an affair with an ex-call girl.

So' Let's wait and see who's gonna be the winner and the Prisoner lol

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Simbig said...

Hot Newsssssssss

Indonesian Heartthrob said...

Wahaha..I never like Victoria. I think Beckham comes to realize that he doesn't like her too :p

Yantizho said...

Neither do I haha...

But One thing for sure we both like Agnes Monica hahahahha

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