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Christina Aguilera Divorce Rumors

OMG Christina Aguilera is going to divorce !!!

Powerful Singer Christina Aguilera has flown to Hawaii in an attempt to escape form the Paparazzies who want to interview her concerning the news about their marital problems.

Previously, Christina has announced a farewell message from her husband, Jordan Bratman on 11 October.
She filed for divorce from that music executive (his husband).

To divert attention, Christina Aguilera and the producer, Tricky Stewart flew to Oahu, such as quoted from Christina will also attend the opening of the exclusive Hotel Edition while he is in Waikiki, Hawaii

I'm completely shocked when I heard about Christina Aguilera Divorce Rumors, I am a big fan of her, I adore her since I was junior high school and now I've got my bachelor's degree.

Whereas previously, they were one of the most matching pairs celebrities for me, It's so woeful to hear this rumors.

I heard that they are more like friend than husband now. They're apparently irreconcilable.

Well' as a good fan I'm just hoping the best for them both, I hope They will choose the right path due to the settlement of their marital problems.

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