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Love This Song "Imagine" by Jhon Lennon

Imagine By Jhon Lennon is one of favourite songs.

This is one of my most favourite songs. I love the lyric, it's meaningful, I find peace in that lyric, I sometimes Imagine living without those things such as religions, races, countries and so on. I sometimes ask myself and wonder would world be better without those things ???

I belive in "GOD" and I'm a Catholic, because having a religion is a "MUST" in my country. however, I believe that when people do not have a "Religion" doesn't mean They do not believe in GOD.

Having Religion is good, because people need guidance in their life, World is living in pluralism , So the most thing people need to have is tolerance, stop fighting and stop being racist, as fellow human being we should love and respect each other. There has been lots of horrible things because of religion. I really want to stop it, but I don't know how and what to do, I'm just an ordinary people who has no authority to do whatever it is.

Human will always be human, and to be human means to be imperfect-so with or without religion people will keep doing sh*t, that's just the way it is.

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