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Justin Bieber Punched A Child

Is It True Justin Bieber Punched A 12 Years Child ???

Again and again Justin Bieber was exposed to unpleasant issue after rumors that stated Justin Bieber was a 51-year-old man who was in disguise, now, there a latest rumors saying that Justin hit a boy aged 12 years and that Boy was hurt.

Justin Bieber accused of beating a 12-year-old child. As a result, Justin Bieber had to deal with the law. He underwent the examination because of the case.

After the boy complained, Justin Bieber picked up by police and forced out of the center laser game in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Reportedly, The 16-year-old singer was taken to the police station and investigated there.

A news station is now saying that he "might be under investigation"

Hmmm.. It seems like Justin Bieber is being bullied by those who wants to ruin his sparkling career and the press.

Well' apart from whether it's true or not, Justin Bieber is merely a human being like human in general, He also has a sense of anger, He will get angry when someone annoys him just like most people do.

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