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Kim Hee Chul Trending Topic on Twitter

Who is Kim hee Chul ??? Why is He Trending Topic ???

Kim Hee Chul

Yeah those questions came to my mind when I first saw his name on Trending Topic lists. I'm not a K-pop fan that's why I do not know a lot about K-Pop Stuffs. from his name we can figure out that he's a korean because his name is sounds so korean, then I google the name, I finally knew that He is one of K-pop (Korean Pop) boy band members, It is Super Junior, He is the sub-leader of Super Junior.

But I still don't know why is He trending, from one of those who tweet about him I found the reason, yet I don't know whether it's right or not :P

26993_1430283043913_1437984077_1151717_2083003_n_normal Shengalina97 Wooooo~~~~ Ritz is trending bcos of #SHINeeinIndonesia !!!!!!!! KPOP has huge influence.... And Kim Hee Chul is still trending 1st.... :)

He has been trending on twitter for 2(two) days, wow it's a dope, their fans are terrific, they are truly bigot, Super Junior Fans named ELF, hmmm... I don't know it(ELF) stands for what though... to know whether He's still trending or not just log on to your twitter right now.

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Anonymous said...

LOL... their fans are ELF because it's Ever Lasting Friends (with Super Junior)
The reason he has been trending is actually nothing to start with... He tweeted a drawing he did with his cell phone and put "Kim Hee Chul" next to it.. the fans retweeted it and somehow, he got onto the trends and that was the catalyst for all the excitement so they wanted to keep him there... especially since usually, he tweets in Korean and that time, his name came out as his english form in his tweet. next, he tweeted a pic of other korean star with whom he's friend with (Sulli and SANGCHU) and their name appeared on the trend list as well and that got the fans more hyped up.. then, his friends congratulated him and he asked "what is trending topic? i don't know it..." and because of that, the fans got even more hyped up. then, he tweeted a pic with "Steamed Bun" (his icon) and that got to no2 so everyone of his friends wanted him to draw a picture for them as well. and then, he tweeted his cat's Sleeping BANGSIN and Sleepy HEEBUM and that trended as well.
his twitter is

Anonymous said...

btw... #happymochiday is because of Henry's birthday, also a member of Super Junior chinese sub-unit called Super Junior M.. the fans wanted to celebrate it.

Yanz a.k.a nezmon said...

Thanks for the comment
and thanks for the info

regard Yantizho

Anonymous said...

LOL . seems, since kim hee chul is trending, so many people would be searching, "Who is Kim Hee chul?" "why is he trending?" lmao
I'm an ELF (everlasting Friends), fans of Super junior calls ELF.
Why is he trending? idek when is this trending, he was tweting his fanart, and maybe to many mentions or RTs, and TT is on. but, he dont know what is Trending on Twitter -_- yeah, in korea (esp twtkr) didnt show trending list. but, seems he know What is TT now, since Sangcu (his friend) said so.
idk, but since all member of Super Junior do have account on twitter, all fans stay turn on twitter 24 hours though. yeah we dont know when he's tweeting, thats so we still wait. lol
but for we (ELF) still make this one miracle lol, more than 2 days his name on, thats cool..hehehehe

Anonymous said...

anyeong haseyo...KIM HEECHUL was so hot everywhere he goes...and I LOVE his hair style...
saranghae for KIM HEECHUL>_<

jual karpet said...

nice posting :D , waaa KIM HEECHUL :D

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