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Willow Smith Whip My Hair.

Who is Willow Smith ???

Willow Smith is the daughter of Oscar-winning Hollywood actor, Will Smith , maybe some of you do not familiar with her name. As formerly She's just a voice in some movies such as Madagascar Escape To Africa and so on...

Willow Smith is the sister of Jaden Smith, A young actor/rapper/composer who has succesfully starred THE KARATE KID with Jackie Chan.

First Single WHIP MY HAIR !!

Willow Smith has released her first single "WHIP MY HAIR" that has been viewed by more than 7000,000 viewers on Youtube in just 6 days. Wow that's terrific !!! reportedly She's preparing her debut album with her nutty drop-dead Mom Jada Pinket.

Willow Smith And Big Family (Will Smith, Jada Pinket and jaden Smith)

Willow Smith and Jaden Smith

The youngest member of this multi-talented family is following in her Grammy-winning dad’s footsteps : She is ready to rock the music industry...

Just let us wait for her debut album, hopefully it is great and worth buying as well as worth listening !!!

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