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Agnes Monica Performance On American Music Awards 2010

Agnes Monica World Premiere on American Music Awards 2010 !!!

Agnes Monica was interviewed by Paparazzi

Today is a very exciting day for me and All of Agnes Monica's Fans in the whole universe haha, just imagine, today is the world premiere of Agnes Monica on American Music Awards, What a great day!
Agnes Monica with Danny Gokey
She performed with Christian Chávez, Mexican singer, They both performed acoustically, again and again I felt so wowed by Agnes Monica's Powerful voice, SHE NAILED IT !!! She Killed that song !!!

It comes as no surprise for Agnes Monica got a good deal of compliments either from her wonderful and supportive fans or from her co-host partners via their Twitter accounts
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Prince William Engagement to Miss Catherine Middleton.

Prince William engaged to his girlfriend Kate Middleton !!!

Prince William has been engaged to his girlfriend, Kate Middleton. Prince William and Kate Middleton dated for a few years after meeting at the St. Andrews University in Fife, Scotland

A special, William uses a ring that used to be his mother's ring, Princess Diana when betrothed to Prince Charles in 1981. The ring that equipped with 18-carat sapphire eyes is now pinned on Kate Middleton's ring finger.

Engagement proposal have been submitted when they're on vacation in Kenya, Africa.

To the press, William admitted planning the proposal since long.

"I've been planning it and in my opinion, proposed to her in Africa is something that is right. When it's really beautiful, I wanted to show my romantic side," he said, "as loaded on site, Wednesday, November 17, 2010.

William admitted that he had brought the ring in his backpack made three weeks prior to proposal.

"I keep it, because I know if you lose, it will create many problems, because I had planned it, Fortunately, all went well."

Furthermore, William had a special reason why wearing a ring owned by his mother who died in 1997 ago to tie up his girlfriend. He said that He did not want to set aside Diana from his wedding.

"This is how I made sure, my mother took part in all the joy of my marriage," he said.

While pursuing his military career, Prince William still takes time out for royal engagements.He flew into Afghanistan on Sunday for a surprise visit to honour Britain's war dead, attending a ceremony at Camp Bastion in Helmand province, the home of the estimated 9,500 British troops deployed in the country.
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The Premiere of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

The Premiere of harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows !!!

The cast of Harry Potter (Emma Watson. Daniel Radclife, Rupert grind)

The Movie that You have been waiting for has finally released. Now we can see Last series of Harry Potter's story in cinema. Since the plot intricate and long, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows split into two parts. The movies will both be released exactly a year after Part I aired.

London's Leicester Square, enlivened by the presence of the cast of the Harry Potter movie , as Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grind, They walked past the Red Carpet for the world premiere of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows : Part One

Thousands of fans braved and killed the cold weather and camped out just to watch the cast and the premiere of the movie Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows : Part One

Here is the Video of
World Premiere Highlights of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : Part One. via Youtube

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Barack Obama in Indonesia

Finally Barack Obama visited Indonesia (His childhood country) !!!

After experiencing two times delay, Eventually U.S. President Barack Obama visited Indonesia on November 9th. Obama was arrive in Indonesia at 04.25 PM through Halim Perdanakusumah Airport. Obama was scheduled to make a visit to the Tomb of Heroes Kalibata coincide with Heroes Day tomorrow.

Barack Obama Coming to Indonesia was in the framework of a series of short trips to several Asian countries, including India and South Korea. on the chance that by his coming to Indonesia will increase and stregthen Indonesia - United States partnership in trade and security.

Barack Obama and Wife Michelle Obama Arrived at Jakarta

Regardless of all those official and formal stuffs, after Barack Obama arrived in Jakarta and held a brief meeting with President SBY, In the evening, he was invited to the banquet dinner with the President SBY and all those prominent people in Indonesia.

Dinner At The Presidential Palace

The next day, Barack Obama paid a visit to several places in Indonesia, especially Jakarta and its vicinity, he gave a public lecture at the University of Indonesia, then a visit to the Mosque Istiqal and then flew to South Korea. yet Barack Obama should have visited and attended some other place, included, should have been a guest star in a special talk show "OBAMAININDONESIA" with Agnes Monica (Indonesian Pop Star) and two other RCTI reporters.

Barack Obama was giving a public lecture in UI

However, for safety reasons, Barack Obama should shorten his visit in Indonesia, only 18 hours, 6 hours reduced from the original schedule. These security reasons related to the crater of Mount Merapi which is feared would damage the U.S. presidential aircraft engines which at that time was in Jakarta.

Barack Obama little family

But Mr. Barack Obama promises that he will come back to Indonesia next year along with Michelle Obama (his wife) and their daughters, Malia Ann and Sasha. I hope It will come true and Obama's big family can enjoy BAKSO(Meatball), SATE and EMPING again (Obama's Favourite Indonesian Foods).

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Justin Bieber Fans vs Jonas Brothers Fans

Who is your favourite Guy ???

Actually, this is a long story if Justin Bieber Fans often at loggerheads with the Jonas Brothers fans, I have no idea what makes them attack each other, definitely and frequently, There are always wars between Justin Bieber fans vs Jonas Brothers fans on twitter, as far as I know, Jonas Brothers fans are far more aggressive and offensive than Justin Bieber Fans.

Both camps are ridiculing each other, perhaps, because they are still teenagers, labile and easily provoked, just like most groups of celebrities fans. for example, I myself, used to fight and argue with the fans of other artists who were making fun of my idol. as a fan, I was easily provoked to anger, but on second thought it was very embarrassing and ever so often made me ashamed of myself hahaha

As far as I'm concerned, All the Fans of whomsoever out there, Do not be easy provoked, especially Jonas Brothers Fans and Justin Bieber Fans who are most of them are teenagers, Stop fighting, just take it easy !!!
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The Best Place To Play Online Casino Games

Are you searching for a nice place to entertain your days? if so, then the following place is a great place for you to spend your spare time, simply by connecting to the internet you will be able to enjoy your days at home alone or with family to play Online Casino Games while sitting and sipping your favorite beverages.

Casino is a place where people gather up and try their luck at the gambling table, to reach the casino people have to leave the house, because it is usually located in luxurious places like hotel, but with Online Casino Games you do not need to waste money and out of the house, just turn on the computer and then connect to the Internet and immediately have fun at Online Casino Games.

You can play any game in accordance with your pleasure, for example, you can play Blacjack or poker, in which poker is one of the most popular Online Casino Games today, I am also a lover of it. It is very fun to play our favorite games, we also can get acquainted with people from all over the world. so' do not hesitate anymore, From now on, stop looking for a place to vacation, simply by playing Online Casino Games, Your days will be exceptionally fun.
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Agnes Monica's BEST Performances ever (My Version)

Agnes Monica's BEST Performances ever !!!

Frankly, every time I'm online I always make time to drop by on youtube, I like to watch videos from outside Indonesia that I can not watch in local tvs, youtube is like my close friend.

Well, one of the best videos I find on youtube is a video of Agnes Monica, I am most diligently to see the latest video of her, although I can watch it on tv, sometimes, I often missed it.

Yesterday I was watching some old videos of Agnes Monica, and found some very unusual appearance (she was always wonderful, of course) therefore, I got desire to create a list of Agnes Monica's greatest performances according to my version.

These videos also to ward off all the people underestimation toward Agnes Monica, Some people keep saying saying that Agnes Monica always lipsynch, Agnes Monica is not that way, She is really amazing and perfect and able to sing while dancing on stage.

I dare say that Agnes Monica has the capability of singing while dancing perfectly.

She is not lipsyncher !!!

Well, here are the best performances by Agnes Monica according to me.

Agnes Monica's Best Performances for BALLAD SONGs

1. Karena Ku Sanggup by Agnes Monica (Composed by Agnes Monica & Andi Riyanto)

2. Matahariku By Agnes Monica herself

3. Cinta Di Ujung Jalan by Agnes Monica

4. BELIEVE by Whitney Houston feat Mariah Carey

5. I Turn To You By Christina Aguilera

6. Have You Ever by Brandy

7. Teruskanlah by Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica's Best Performance for UPBEAT SONGs (I love this part hehe)

1. Godai Aku Lagi "Tease Me More" By Agnes Monica (Composed by Agnes Monica)

2. Shake it Off by Agnes Monica (Composed by Agnes Monica)

3. Ini Gila Ini Cinta, "This is crazy, This is Love" by Agnes Monica

4. Shake It Off live in ASF 2009 SEOUL KOREA

5. Janji-Janji by Agnes Monica (I really love this one)

So' guys feel free to watch what you like the most, or Do you have your own most favourite performances ??? Tell me and I will put it here.

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