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Agnes Monica's BEST Performances ever (My Version)

Agnes Monica's BEST Performances ever !!!

Frankly, every time I'm online I always make time to drop by on youtube, I like to watch videos from outside Indonesia that I can not watch in local tvs, youtube is like my close friend.

Well, one of the best videos I find on youtube is a video of Agnes Monica, I am most diligently to see the latest video of her, although I can watch it on tv, sometimes, I often missed it.

Yesterday I was watching some old videos of Agnes Monica, and found some very unusual appearance (she was always wonderful, of course) therefore, I got desire to create a list of Agnes Monica's greatest performances according to my version.

These videos also to ward off all the people underestimation toward Agnes Monica, Some people keep saying saying that Agnes Monica always lipsynch, Agnes Monica is not that way, She is really amazing and perfect and able to sing while dancing on stage.

I dare say that Agnes Monica has the capability of singing while dancing perfectly.

She is not lipsyncher !!!

Well, here are the best performances by Agnes Monica according to me.

Agnes Monica's Best Performances for BALLAD SONGs

1. Karena Ku Sanggup by Agnes Monica (Composed by Agnes Monica & Andi Riyanto)

2. Matahariku By Agnes Monica herself

3. Cinta Di Ujung Jalan by Agnes Monica

4. BELIEVE by Whitney Houston feat Mariah Carey

5. I Turn To You By Christina Aguilera

6. Have You Ever by Brandy

7. Teruskanlah by Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica's Best Performance for UPBEAT SONGs (I love this part hehe)

1. Godai Aku Lagi "Tease Me More" By Agnes Monica (Composed by Agnes Monica)

2. Shake it Off by Agnes Monica (Composed by Agnes Monica)

3. Ini Gila Ini Cinta, "This is crazy, This is Love" by Agnes Monica

4. Shake It Off live in ASF 2009 SEOUL KOREA

5. Janji-Janji by Agnes Monica (I really love this one)

So' guys feel free to watch what you like the most, or Do you have your own most favourite performances ??? Tell me and I will put it here.

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Anonymous said...

Queen of LYPSINC...not deserve to go US COPYCAT!

Anonymous said...

Yess BoA is A Copycat !!

Cindy Amaris said...

Her dancing is just so-so, with a bouncing breast and slutty moves also that naughty bitchy poses...

I see no-charisma from all her performances..

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