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Justin Bieber Fans vs Jonas Brothers Fans

Who is your favourite Guy ???

Actually, this is a long story if Justin Bieber Fans often at loggerheads with the Jonas Brothers fans, I have no idea what makes them attack each other, definitely and frequently, There are always wars between Justin Bieber fans vs Jonas Brothers fans on twitter, as far as I know, Jonas Brothers fans are far more aggressive and offensive than Justin Bieber Fans.

Both camps are ridiculing each other, perhaps, because they are still teenagers, labile and easily provoked, just like most groups of celebrities fans. for example, I myself, used to fight and argue with the fans of other artists who were making fun of my idol. as a fan, I was easily provoked to anger, but on second thought it was very embarrassing and ever so often made me ashamed of myself hahaha

As far as I'm concerned, All the Fans of whomsoever out there, Do not be easy provoked, especially Jonas Brothers Fans and Justin Bieber Fans who are most of them are teenagers, Stop fighting, just take it easy !!!

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attayaya mobil keluarga said...

keren-keren ya

Yanz a.k.a nezmon said...

Yuph, Handsome boys haha

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