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Final AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Indonesia vs Malaysia

Indonesia to fight against Malaysia in the final round AFF SUZUKI CUP 2010 !!!

After competing in the qualifying round and managed to wipe out Malaysia, Indonesia will again deal with Malaysia on AFF Suzuki Cup Final which will be held on 29 December, although the match is still several days away but the supporters of Indonesia's National Team can not wait to watch that final match.

Indonesia's football is on the rise, it looked from previous matches in the preliminary round, Indonesia managed to embarrass Malaysia with score 5 : 1, Laos 6 : 0, Thailand 2 : 1 and the Philippines 2 : 0, this is a proud achievement, recently, Indonesia's football is experiencing some internal and external conflict though.

Because of the success of the Indonesia's national team in the previous Matches, hopefully Indonesia can be The AFF Cup Champion this year, hopefully those players who will compete later as Christian Gonzalez, Okto, Firman Utina, Nasuha, Bambang Pamungkas, Arif Suryono, Irfan Bachdim and others can show their best performances.

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2 comments: said...

Why Indonesia was defeated by Malaysia in the 1st round of their Finals? You need to know!?
It was a disgrace to Indonesia! Though that is what football is all about which means no one can predict whiles the ball rolls.
However it was much of an overconfidence of the Indonesian coach and I tell you why:
1. Lets look at Malaysia 1st.
They are having all young players. And why they brought themselves closer to the cup? simply because they have nothing to turn to but themselves (of course Saffe and the rest are high talented as well) as their seasoned and senior players are resting for injuries.
When they made scores against several teams during the elimination rounds, they knew they can make it to the final - only a question of getting the cup. But that was it, they have displayed all their artillery- a powerful though but no enough buffer when something wrong happens. They were too lucky to have none last night. They deserved that win, it was superb!

2. Now back to Indonesia:
They saw Malaysia deploying all the young players and they did the same!
They forgot important things though:
A) That they have repeatedly defeated Malaysia in the previous cup which is enough reason for Malaysia to have careful study on them.
B) what changes of formations and strategies they made from semis to this final? very less and close to nothing!
C) How can the coach be so careless to release just a half baked battalion on the field with still only Christian Gonzales as the main man? ( the rest are also very talented though). This gave easy lookout for Malaysia - consider it a good complement! Stop Gonzales from dancing and they can control the rest.
D) This is final games! What was so disappointing is they put Bambang at the bench and made him a suicide bomber at the last few min of the game. I don't even know how painful it was for him to watch his team lost just like that! Loosing such margin without fair fight. Dude, you forget this is a guy who feeds more goals for the team in previous fights. It may be Gonzales making goals in the eliminations but certainly Bambang can make difference in this highest level of pressure! How unfair was the coach judgment ahead of the game?

If Indonesia wants to learn from that mistake, they better do coz its gonna be like climbing for Mt. Everest in the next game. They will only have that chance.
My suggestion: Put Bambang and Gonzales on tandem. This will divide the focus from Malaysian side. Either of the two can possibly scored or other team member who can be less guarded by then. Add another Key or leading player in the 2nd half making them 3 main men - a much hurdle for Malaysia to break.

Yantizho said...

Well, Thanks for the comment
But actually I do not get anything about football
I'm just an ordinary audience
I'm not that freak to FOOTBALL Things

Hopefully riedl read your comment
and consider it as a good input to improve The Performance of Indonesian National Team...

Anyway I felt so disappointed with the Result
Indonesian team failed to win the AFF CUP
Indonesia Team had won 6 times at the Preliminary round, Indonesia even beat Malaysia 5-1 but unfortunately
It wasn't enough to grab That AFF CUP

And Congratulation Malaysia for winning the AFF CUP
I Appreciated their hard work
They made it to the final

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