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Justin Bieber Mustache

Have you ever wondered what Justin Bieber looks like with a mustache ???

The fans and reporters who faithfully waited for Justin Bieber out of a fancy restaurant in London yesterday was really surprised. Because their idol who is still teen has left the restaurant with a mustache on his face !

Justin Bieber, at that time, was having dinner at a fancy restaurant called La Porte De Indes. After enjoying the meal, Bieber was casually strolled towards the car which was waiting for him.

Surprisingly, when He came out, looks a mustache on the upper of Bieber's lip. Apparently, this mustache was a fake mustache, which probably drew by himself.

Justin Bieber also looked homey wearing that mustache while flying a mini helicopter with remote control. This helicopter was hovering over his bodyguard head who helped him get into the car.

However, before Justin Bieber got into the car, the helicopter crashed and hit the ground. Bieber himself leisurely abandoned his helicopter and immediately entered the car.

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