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Talk About Super Junior !!! Who are they ???

Talking about the Phenomenal Super Junior !!!

Let's talk about a pretty phenomenal boy band called SUPER JUNIOR, I first heard the name of that boy band was in 2009, exactly when Agnes Monica was invited to sing on asia song festival 2009, which also featured Super Junior. So'I know there's a boyband named super junior because of Agnes Monica.

I'm one of Agnes Monica
fans community website "AGNEZONE" members, coincidentally, in Asia Song Festival 2009 Agnes Monica was appointed as the representative of Indonesia to Asia Song Festival for the second time after the earlier, precisely in 2008, Agnes Monica was also invited to perform at the Asia Song Festival 2008 with DBSK, SNSD and many more...

This Festival was held in Worldcup stadium Seoul Korea, based on the singers who are invited to and the enthusiasm of people in some Asian countries, especially koreans, It can be counted as one of the largest music festivals in asia.

Agnes Monica, Super Junior and others at the backstage

Agnes Monica and Sungmin

Initially, I assumed that they are simply the same as ordinary boyband in general, and I wasn't interested in finding out anything about them until I found some pictures of that boyband members such as Siwon and Sungmin who were talking with Agnes Monica, that's certainly forced me to googled them.
Agnes Monica And Siwon Super Junior

Furthermore, my curiosity on this boyband triggered by the "Channel V Battles", again and again Super Junior and Agnes Monica met, but this time not on stage but on Channel V Battle Of The Move and Battle Of The Pop Agnes Monica vs. Super Junior.

Agnes Monica and Sungmin stared at each other hmmm...

If I am not mistaken, Agnes Monica beat Super J
unior and then competed with TVXQ in the final round, I still remember that battle since I were one of the voters who successfully crushed down Super Junior hahaha...

Siwon was telling something to Agnes Monica

Though I've seen some of their videos, I don't like and not interested in them (this is only a matter of taste). I am more interested in discussing their fans that named ELF. I don't know what ELF stands for though. They are so enthusiastic and fanatic. So' Please Don't mess with them lol...
All the boys Super Junior

Judging from the frequency of SUPER JUNIOR on trending topic, I think, this boyband is the only Asian boyband who can beat the existence of Justin Bieber who used to be Trending Topic almost everyday. As for me what makes Super Junior looks sparkling is Just Their Fans instead of their talent (Just My Opinion).

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Anonymous said...

'As for me what makes Super Junior looks sparkling is Just Their Fans instead of their talent...'

you dont know them so u can say like that but please dont conclude on something you dont know...the boys have talent and that makes they have million fans..

shifariesya said...

lol at the last line.. "As for me what makes Super Junior looks sparkling is Just Their Fans instead of their talent (Just My Opinion)."

lemme tell you, SJ members are talented. they have 13/15 members with their own talents. 4 of them are great singers, 2 great rappers, 4 great dancers, 1 a violin master, and the others are great entertainer such as MC, DJ, etc.
They're well-known in Korea not because of their songs, but because of those talent and their fans. I dunno how in Indonesia.

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