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Marko Stout to exhibit "THE CAVE"

Marko Stout is a famous New York City artist who holds degrees in medicine, metaphysics and biology. He uses universal archetypes, symbolism and collective unconscious imagery to examine the human condition and the mind-body experience.

Marko Stout is also known as a genius doctorate in the field of metaphysics who always creates startling innovation in the "visionary academic".

Marko Stout will be holding an exhibition called THE CAVE to be held in New York City in the fall (autumn) of 2011, The Cave is a scenario in which people take to be real, which in fact is an illusion. In this case Dr. Stout uses "The Cave" as a metaphor for our thought and sensory limitations, as our human experience is limited by our imprisonment Within a physical body, We therefore attempt to understand the nature of the universe through myth, Religions and scientific methodology in an impossible attempt to understand the universe.

This exhibition will feature works of great freshness and originality that will bring the observer into the unforgettable mystical and spiritual experience.

These are
the small preview of the collections that will be showcased during the exhibition later.

This exhibition is guaranteed to be a very unique, tense but enjoyable and certainly will be a real metaphysic event. So, from now on, prepare yourself to participate in the extraordinary spiritual experience.

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Anonymous said...

This art is incredible; he has a wild imagination and very interesting. It must be great to live in New York City were all this fun stuff is happening. I art and hope to move to New York soon and see more works of art like this.

Anonymous said...

I total agree, this is the most incredible art. Marko Stout is a genius! His work seems to take you to another time and realm. Every time I look at his art I see something different. I plan to visit his SOHO exhibit net fall when it opens to the public. I'm also trying to get on the private VIP viewing list. I can't wait! Rebecca Cross, NYU Art Major.

Anonymous said...

I find Marko Stout’s paintings to be very complex on many levels which seem to reveal a large amount of deep information, both intellectuality and aesthetic with a unique abstract style that is truly his own.

Anonymous said...

Oui, Marko Stout est l'un des artistes les plus modernes d'Amérique.

maria levitti said...

amazing art!! these work of modern abstract art are very impressive and i see something different everytime look at them. i would love to learn more about the artist and his work!

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