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The Best Parody Music Videos on Youtube !!!

I Love Watching Youtube, It Is My Escape !!!

Youtube has ton of interesting videos, I like to find new good stuff on youtube every time I drop in it, I will share some good parody music videos here, these videos are so attractive and humorous.

1. Britney Spears - Womanizer - Parody

I love this video the most, Excelent both the story line and video quality, Britney Spears is played by (starring) Jodie Riviera or Vanetianprinces, She really resembles Britney Spears on that video, She is awesome even more than Britney herself hahaha

2. If I Were A Girl (Beyonce Parody)

I love the song lyric, catchy and funny

3. Lady Gaga and Beyonce Telephone Parody Amazing!!!

This parody starring (They call themselves) Lady Gagita and Haronce, They are so talented, They acted as good as Lady Gaga and Beyonce in the original video.

And there are many more interresting videos on youtube, I just want to share my most favourite video music parody, hope you enjoy it guys.

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