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Charlie Bit My Finger Remake !!!


Actually this was an old video, it was uploaded on youtube about 3 years ago by This video was so funny, it has been watched by 288,782,974 viewers, there were two little babys playing on a chair and that younger baby named charlie bit harry's Finger, initially it was not hurt, but the longer the harder Charlie bit harry's finger then Harry moaned in pain in a cute way, he said "Chaaerliiiie you bit my finger" hahahha (This is the funniest part, it makes me roared with laughter)

What most amusing is seeing Charlie's expression, He was so innocent and just keep laughing the way he was, He was soooo cute.

Here is the Video "Charlie Bit My Finger"

And the funniest part is when those people remake that video, These are even more hillarious, just watch and be ready to rolling on the floor laughing hahahhaha

"Scott Whyte - Charlie Bit Me"

"Charlie Bit Me.. 15 years later"

"Charlie Bit Me... remix"

And Many more videos that remake the hillarious moment between Charlie and Harry, Just youtube it and you will be so entertained. Charlie bit my finger is the cutest video ever made hahahhaha

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