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Justin Bieber Won The Worst Awards at The NME 2011

Justin Bieber Got The Worst Awards at NME 2011 !!

The sensational teenage singer Justin Bieber has just been slapped at The NME Awards 2011 the other night, Justin Bieber may be adored by thousand fans who always shouting their head off when He performs on stage, but The NME Awards voters surely don't like Him, They put Him as the Winner of Worst Album for My World 2.0 Album and Least Stylish for his appearance wearing a vest and bow tie at the premiere of Never Say Never 3D in England .

It comes as no surprise that Justin Bieber has grabbed lots of Awards for Best New Comer, Best Artist Of The year and many more, But At The NME Awards He precisely got otherwise.

The NME Awards present both the best and the worst of a year of showbiz, from film to music. In addition to Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers also bestowed The Worst Band at that Awards Ceremony while Lady Gaga won The Hero gong.

Justin Bieber was not at the festivities, not because he chosed not to come but because He was on Ellen DeGeneres at the time the awards ceremony was taking place. well' anyway congratulation JB, May be You can consider it as an input to be better for the next time, Though it feels hurtful.

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