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Michael Gough ('Batman' Alfred Pennyworth) dead at 94

Batman's 'BUTLER' Alfred Pennyworth, Michael Gough has died. British actor died at the age of 94 years.

23 November 1916-born actor was known to have long fought a number of illness. As reported by BBC News, Monday (03/21/2011), Michael died on Thursday (17/03/2011) peacefully surrounded by family.

Michael Gough and George Clooney (Batman)

Michael is known starred in 4 of 5 Batman films since 1989. as long as He involved in the film, Michael has collaborated with the cast of 'Batman' like Michael Keaton, George Clooney and Val Kilmer.

Gough starred in "Batman Returns," directed by Burton in 1992, and "Batman Forever" in 1995 and "Batman and Robin" in 1997, both by Joel Schumacher.

During his career as an actor, Michael has been starring more than 150 movie titles and TV series. In 1979, she won Tony Awards as best actor for his role in 'Bedroom Farce'.

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