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Shiloh vs Suri !!! The Next Mega Star ??

Shiloh and Suri, who's gonna be a big hollywood star in the future???

Shiloh is the daughter of mega-star couple Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie, She is so cute and chubby, She owns one of the most beautiful eyes ever, She looks a lot like Angelina Jolie. They are really look alike especially on their lips shape, They have the same never-closed lips, Shiloh might be look like Jolie in the future.

Brad Pit-Angelina Jolie-Shiloh

But unpleasant rumors are going about Shiloh-Jolie, many tabloids headlined "Shiloh dressing like a boy!" why is Angelina Jolie turning Shiloh into a boy? She dressed like a boy for some moments, used pants and jacket just like a boy.


Does Angelina Jolie hate Shiloh? it's kinda awakward when Jolie Said that "Shiloh Wants to be a boy" and she's letting her daughter dressed like a boy, Pity Shiloh! It's the duty of parents particularly mother who should mold and direct the child into the right way. people are going to bash on her, she may grow out of it, she may not, If Shiloh keep growing that way, Angelina Jolie is preparing her daughter to be bashed. I hope Shiloh won't get bashed for this though.

Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes-Suri

Suri is the daughter of mega-star couple Tom cruise and katie holmes, She is very cute, beautiful and sweet with beatiful eyes, nose, hair and skin, She is the combination of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.


I want to speculate on the future of Suri, She is so adorable, She looks like a doll with a beatiful smile, I love watching her demeanor in the video, I hope she will not grow up in the wrong way and then turn out to be insolent girl like most celebrities who sweet as a kid then turned into wild and rebellious.

Suri And Shiloh

I would rather to speculate on the future of those two littler kids, born from hollywood mega-star couple make them in the spotlight, People are looking forward to seeing who is the next hollywood big star Shiloh or Suri, Will they follow their parents foot-step? Who beat who? Or Will they take a different step from their parents and become ordinary people just like other human beings in general? well, the answer is let's wait and see !! good Luck to Suri And Shiloh.

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Anonymous said...

Kids should be kids! Why not let a child grow up the way they want to and not be forced into the gender stereotypes that past generations have been! Its 2011, I would really hope that being a tomboy would not lead to a child being "bashed." Shiloh looks natural and comfortable in her skin and the clothes she chooses herself.

Anonymous said...

"It's the duty of parents particularly mother who should mold and direct the child into the right way. "

its 2011 for pete's sake!!

Anonymous said...

man I aint gonna read more cuz what you wrote is bullshit, it's 2012 for fucking sakes!!!! Leave her if she wants to be herself, maybe she's:
A ftm transsexual aka a person born in the wrong body.
Who knows!!!

Or just being a kid!
Either way there's nothing wrong if she's any of those 3 things I said!

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