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SM*SH or Super Junior !!! Who imitate who ???

Actually, I am a little bit late to write an article relating to a new boyband in Indonesia called SMASH or Most well-knowed as SM*SH, They consist of 6 members : Bisma, Morgan, Rangga and others (I don't know them so well), boyband's existence in Indonesia has long been absent,They seem like being near-death experience. Indonesia used to have some boybands who enliven our entertainment world.

Nowdays, Indonesian music Industry is being dominated by melayu pop bands, we can see those bands playing back and forth nearly everyday both on TV and Radio, even though their music labeled as "cheesy music" and got a good deal of insults and bad things from their haters, but it seems luck is on their side, as evidenced by their presence that still dominating the Indonesian music industry.

Super Junior

Hence, SM*SH presence is something like a fresher for Indonesian music world, They rapidly gained a large fans Since their first appearance on TV with their phenomenal hit "I HEART YOU" especially among girl. but unfortunately, as the popularity of Korean Pop boybands in Indonesia, SM*SH is always compared to a K-Pop Boyband Super Junior, Those people say that SM*SH imitates Super Junior, while SM*SH said that they are just inspired not only by that K-Pop BoyBand but Hollywood Boybands as well.

SM*SH vs Super Junior

Well' as for me-Sm*sh and Super Junior are two boybands with their own style and music, there is nothing to compare, World has hundred of boybands, and I believe they are inspiring each other, who first inspired the second and the second inspired the third and so on, I bet you Nothing is original. it sounds harsh but It is true. we will always be inspired by many people and many stuffs. particularly by those who we adore. I do not mean to ask you to imitate other work but i just want to say that it is okay being inspired by others.

Honestly from all SM*SH members I prefer Bisma to others, I think He is the one who is most talented between others. he really good at dancing, I am not a K-Pop and Boyband (SM*SH) fan, but I hope Indonesian Boybands afford to go and compete internationally.

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fresnelsimon said...

nice post,..
Actually i love SuJu, so dont know why everytime i saw SM*SH on tv, i always think they are "suju wanna be" hahaha

sasasuka said...

as Indonesian I'll support Indonesian boyband. but if I have to compare which one is better, of course I'm going to choose Super Junior.

yes, I agree that Super Junior should be inspired by other popular boyband. but the point is that they have their own concept of boyband. that's why the boyband is succesfully spreading the hallyu wave to all over asia, even to the world.

while smash, it can't be denied that the boyband is influenced by korean boyband. Personally, I think being inspired by something is good. but it would be better if they have their own concept about boyband. If korean have Kpop. why Indonesia don't make their own popculture?

Fanny♥kpop said...

I think SM*SH is kinda copying SUPERJUNIOR cause they're pics are lik kinda da same..But anywayz,, as a kpoplover, I'm ok with it...SUPERJUNIOR are quite long gone but anywayz..we dunt have to make lotsa comments...I am greatly appreciated that there was this indo boyband cause indo has long b4 gone boyband-dead...♥

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