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Agnes Monica Sweeps JPop Asia International Music Awards

Can you beat Agnes Monica ???
Agnes Monica sweeps Jpopasia International Music Awards,Jpopasia International Music Awards is The international Jpop and Jrock awards where you pick the nominees and the winners! The final votings with the selected winners!

Agnes Monica grabbed 7 out of 8 awards on JIMA (JPopasia International Music Awards 2010), this is a huge success, She successfully got rid of her competitors, as we know that her compertitors are famous singers from all over the Asia (China Pop, Korean Pop and Japanese Pop), and Agnes Monica is the only Indonesian (outside East Asia) who got nominated at The JIMA 2010.

Previously Agnes Monica's name was removed from the list of nominations on the ground that Agnes Monica included neither in China Pop, Korean Pop nor Japanese Pop, but eventually JIMA's Authority re-enter Agnes Monica to the list of nominees, this is caused by loud protests from the fans to The JpopAsia International Music Awards Parties which arbitrarily and unilaterally revoked Agnes Monica's name from the nominees lists , it was considered unfair and unprofessional by the fans.

The result of JIMA

JPopasia International Music Awards side also made ​​an official statement on their website containing their apologies for the removal of Agnes Monica's name from JPop Asia International Music Awards.

Even if her name was revoked at the beginning of the voting but Agnes Monica remains the best , she can sweep the JIMA Awards and won 7 out of 8 awards, You rocks Agnes Monica.

You can find out the complete result of The Jpopasia International Music Awards here
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Justin Bieber did a splendid concert in Indonesia!

Teenage phenomenal singer Justin Bieber has successfully hipnotized his Fans at SICC (Sentul International Convention Center), His fans Indonesian's Beliebers had waited for his concert for months. Justin Bieber's coming to Indonesia due to The series of My World Tour.

Formerly, there were rumors saying that Justin Bieber's concert in Indonesia would be called off for no apparent reason, It surely made his fans felt let down and disappointed, moreover most of them are teenagers and childrens.

But The promotors ultimately ensured that the concert would go on. and the awaited moment finally come, The Teen Megastar Justin Bieber along with his girlfriend Selena Gomez arrived at The Soekarno Hatta Airport Indonesia at about 03.30 pm, Friday (22/04/2011).

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Approximately 10 thousand spectators witnessed Bieber's stage act last night that took place at Sentul International Convention Center, he managed to anesthetize the audiences predominantly teenagers and kids. they were screaming out loud and Shouting Justin Bieber's name along the concert.

Justin Bieber covered his face with his blue hat

Opening concert with the song "Love Me", Justin was wearing a white jacket and pants. Accompanied by music from disc jockeys and four dancers, he made ​​thousands of spectators hysterically screaming his name.

He also sang Never Say Never, That Should Be Me, One Time catchily and hits "Eanie Meenie" "Pray" and "Baby" became the perfect closing of his concert.

Most of the audiences said that that concert is one of the best concert ever done in Indonesia, wow! good job Justin Bieber.
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Who is Michael Bolton ?!

Here He is The Superb Singer Michael Bolton !!!

I just realized who Michael Bolton is, Michael Bolton (born Michael Bolotin, February 26, 1953) is an American singer-songwriter. A former hard rock singer, Bolton is best known for his soft rock ballads and tenor/countertenor vocals.

His achievements include selling eight top ten albums, achieving two number one singles on the Billboard charts, and receiving awards from both the American Music Awards and Grammy Awards.

Previosly, I didn't know Who he is, I just love listening to his songs on the radio, Everytime I listen to his songs like "You Murder My Heart", My curiosity always arised to find out who sings that song.

Michael Bolton

I am extremely love his super magnificent voice, I really like his vocal on the song "This Is The Time", I love his voice even more when I heard the song "You Murder My Heart" on the radio, I really love the color of his voice, very majestic and terrific.

Agnes Monica and Michael Bolton

Even when Agnes Monica told that She will duet with Michael Bolton, I did not realize that It was the owner of the amazing voice who I've been looking for and I admired, I even asked and said to my friends "who is Michael Bolton? He does not seem too well-known!! "(what a fool I am! hahaha)

Listen To This Song "You Murder My Heart" You will instantly fall in love with it!

My curiosity increasingly peaked when Agnes Monica notified the title song they sing in a duet, "I Said I Love You But I Lied", finally I youtubed that song, how shocked I was! when I heard his voice, I immediately recognized that voice, Then I Youtubed "You Murder My Heart" and "This Is The Time" I finally realized that The singer of these songs is Michael Bolton.

Michael Bolton and Agnes Monica

After finding out who He is, I also know that He has lots of HITS which I used to hear on the radio, They are as follows: "To Love Somebody", "When Man Loves A Woman", "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You" and many more... Michael Bolton has the greatest voice ever!!!

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The End Of Oprah Winfrey Show !!!

After decades of broadcasting, Oprah Winfrey has finally announced that The Oprah Winfrey Show will be over. To end this special episode, The guest will also be very special. President Barack Obama!

For a few moments, the fans made ​​curious by special guests who will close this very spectacular talk show. Ascertained, the U.S. President and Wife, Michelle Obama will attend the taping of the last episode on April 27. Meanwhile, this episode will be broadcast on May 2.

The presence of The Obamas will be the first time as a president. Previously, Obama had been a guest in 2005 and 2006 when he was still a senator. His wife, Michelle Obama recently was a guest of Oprah.

This concluding episode is expected to attract many viewers worldwide. Therefore, many companies are vying to put an ad in this special event. For the 30 second ad plays, reportedly a company must pay 1 million dollars.
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Behind The Scene Of Agnes Monica's Paralyzed Music Video

Are You Ready To Get Paralyzed ???!!!

People are being paralyzed by Agnes Monica's new song "PARALYZED", They are waiting for the official music video, this song has been released for about a month ago on the radio, and it's always at the top ten most favorited songs charts.

Paralyzed first aired as TV Series Original Soundtrack of "Jelita" (And then turned into Marisa), This Soap Opera stars Agnes Monica herself along with Okan Kornellius.

Paralyzed is composed by Agnes Monica herself, This song is so easy listening, its rythm and beat are so catchy, I love this song since I first heard it, I always turn it over and over and it makes me so addicted, yess It stuck in my head.

Since its Official video is going to be released on APRIL 12, 2011 at Dahsyat, You can enjoy Behind-The Scene Of Paralyzed from episode 1 to 7 on Youtube. Find them out here on Agnes Monica's Official Youtube Channel or You can enjoy Behind The Scene of Paralyzed which has been aired on Dahsyat, It's like the summary of 7 episodes.
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Facebook vs Twitter

Social networking is something that is trend since few years ago, some endure and some extinct, before the domination of facebook and twitter, The most victorious social network is myspace especially among musicians, they promote their music via myspace, but now, myspace is so old-fashioned in social networking, most musicians have abandoned it and move to facebook and twitter.

Twitter vs Facebook, which one is better? or which one is people like the most? some say twitter is but some others say Facebook is, In my opinion, in one hand Facebook is way better as it has a neat and attractive display profile equipped with notifications that serves to notify new messages, new friends request and new wall posts or comments.

On the other hand, Twitter has its own strength that attracts people to go on it, Twitter strength lies in its simplicity, hastag and of course the trending topic, Trending Topic is the most powerful way to make a new world sensation and often end up being controversy, for instance, The other day world was being fooled by a Trending Topic concerning RIP Jackie Chan, It's even trend for 3 days, Eventhough Jackie Chan via his manager has confirmed that He is Alright, People kept on talking about it.

According to me, lately, I am hooking on and being addicted to Twitter nearly everyday, I love tweeting and boasting on twitter, it is fun quite greetly, I can express myself on it eventhough it is only 140 characters allowed, we can use other applications to support our tendency to tweet longer than 140 characters like twitlonger and tweete. So which one is better Facebook or twitter? I think the answer is depend on ourselves.

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