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Agnes Monica Sweeps JPop Asia International Music Awards

Can you beat Agnes Monica ???

Agnes Monica sweeps Jpopasia International Music Awards,Jpopasia International Music Awards is The international Jpop and Jrock awards where you pick the nominees and the winners! The final votings with the selected winners!

Agnes Monica grabbed 7 out of 8 awards on JIMA (JPopasia International Music Awards 2010), this is a huge success, She successfully got rid of her competitors, as we know that her compertitors are famous singers from all over the Asia (China Pop, Korean Pop and Japanese Pop), and Agnes Monica is the only Indonesian (outside East Asia) who got nominated at The JIMA 2010.

Previously Agnes Monica's name was removed from the list of nominations on the ground that Agnes Monica included neither in China Pop, Korean Pop nor Japanese Pop, but eventually JIMA's Authority re-enter Agnes Monica to the list of nominees, this is caused by loud protests from the fans to The JpopAsia International Music Awards Parties which arbitrarily and unilaterally revoked Agnes Monica's name from the nominees lists , it was considered unfair and unprofessional by the fans.

The result of JIMA

JPopasia International Music Awards side also made ​​an official statement on their website containing their apologies for the removal of Agnes Monica's name from JPop Asia International Music Awards.

Even if her name was revoked at the beginning of the voting but Agnes Monica remains the best , she can sweep the JIMA Awards and won 7 out of 8 awards, You rocks Agnes Monica.

You can find out the complete result of The Jpopasia International Music Awards here

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Anonymous said...


Yantizho said...


Anonymous said...

LOL this is too stupid to be true

JPop Asia International Music Award? Damn rubbish, wtf is that, only an interrnet polling survey of a small lyric and video sharing community.

Anything by internet poll these days are irrelevant as hell, everyone can vote everyday and everynight, just spread a message about that to your agnes worshipper and voila everyone will become a member and vote.

No physical trophy to be awarded, just some virtual golden badge in her artist page. The hell it'll make it into a CV or resume since it's internet-based.

What's with that to be proud about other than being a cooperative and bias fans?

Shame on you Yantizho
Before even write something or BOAST something please refrain that there are still layers and layers of 'sky' above your tiny little 'hamlet'

Yantizho said...

Hahahhahaha This is the way of loser to protect itself

Yeah Yeah Yeah Agnes Monica is the greatest ASIAN Singer with or without your confession

Ehmmmm anyway You must be Boa fan, right?

Where is BOA??? I didn't find her name on Jpopasia

Oh I see! She did not win any hahhahaha
What a loser!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's very hard to find a kind of award without a polling survey,, just like the polling of 7wonders, the winners aren't good enough by the other competitors view.. Indonesia has a little number of active internet users than Japan, Korea, or China, at least those who know about JPOPASIA [most of Indonesian only browse Facebook, Twitter, Kaskus, or Youtube]. If AGNES MONICA won, it was because the contribution of the fans, they feel that she has close emotional connection with them [the same-nationality feeling also],, how about the japanese, korean, or chinese artists? I don't really know how they act with their fans :)


JeparaCrafts said...

agnes i love you,....................

Munawir said...

Agnes,you are indonesian ambassador.keep struggle!

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