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Boa Kwon, A good dancer BUT not A good singer !!!

Boa sounds not as good as she dances !!!

Boa Kwon or well-knowned as Boa is a Korean singer, She has started her singing career since she was at the age of thirteen, She released her debut album ID; Peace B in South Korea on August 25, 2000. That's all about her bios.

Actually, I don't want to talk about her Bios but about her QUALITY or her singing and dancing abilities. I've watched some of her videos, One day few years ago, I watched one of her videos, I don't remember the title though, I showed it to my friend, "She's quite good at dancing, but her voice is just so-so it's too common" My friend said.

Boa is average, At dancing, She is awesome but Since She is a singer, she should balance her dance skill along with her singing skill. Her voice neither has character nor capability of reaching high note.

The other day, I posted a comment on Her Youtube Video BUMP-BUMP (Unfortunately that video is not That Bump-Bump lol) and I said : "She's good enough at dancing but her voice is lame, She needs more practice ", See, I am not biased, right? I acknowledged both the good side and bad side of her. but you know what, her lunatic, fanatic fans or those bigots defend her furiously, What a bigots !!!

They said that Boa is the best Asian singer Whaaaaat ? Asian? Which Asian? If it refers to East Asian, it might be, But if it refers to the whole Asian, They're totally wrong, they seem to talk through their hat, They are less insight and ignorant, Poor them! They have to listened to those terrific singers from southeast asian, such as Charice Pompengco, Agnes Monica, Jacklin Victor and many more. Boa's voice is truly really NOTHING compare to theirs.

Regarding to Boa's LOOK, She's not ugly yet not beautiful, she's in between, She is not sexy as well, she looks like most girls in general, after wrapping up the whole thing, I sum up that She is by all odds mediocre. That's it.

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Anonymous said...

Well, your posting was too mean for boa.
Her voice is distinctive. Her MV may be way better than Agnes Monica.
Her dance moves is more stable, smoother than Agnes Monica.
Face is likely about preference, to me Agnes Monicas face isn't that spectacular as well.
If you say boa is bad, she's going to start her international career in us sooner than AM.

Yantizho said...

I didn't mean to be so mean but that's the fact

If U said that Boa's going to start her career in USA, Agnes Monica has already started it, She has collaborated in Michael Bolton's Going-to-be-realesed Album, They have a duet in Michael Bolton's classic song entitled "I SAID I LOVED YOU BUT I LIED"

And Agnes Monica has also been a Co-host and performed at the red carpet American Music Awards 2010, She has also nominated in International awarding event such as THE WEBBY AWARDS and THE SHORTY AWARD

and one thing for sure Agnes Monica is working on his next project in LA USA now, She has contracted by one of the biggest recording companies in the world AMY/SONY ATV

Just wait and see!

Anonymous said...

Shame on you..

Which Michael Bolton gonna do duet with your favourite Agmon?

Looks like that news~which is boasted by herself~only make her more idiotic in Indonesian public point of view..

Yantizho said...

Hei U braggart!
Think before you talk Pathetic Moron !

If you have eyes and ears which are still functioning or in a good condition

You better watch this >>>


Read This >>>> (From Michael Bolton's Official Website) :

That's enough to shut ur insolent mouth up

Agnes Monica isn't boasting anything, She told the truth, She had a duet with MICHAEL BOLTON

Now EAT THAT !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well well well, it seems our little Yantizho is arrogant enough even as far as to put shame and badmouthing other artists.

You are in rights to be proud, and yes since Agnes is achieving something. She's co-hosting in Red Carpet (yea right, red carpet just like those typical tv and magz reporter) and going to have a duet with Michael Bolton (OK, that's great I admit it)

But BoA...
She had debuted in the US FYI, just for you to know that she had a SOLO ALBUM there, touche it's not as successful as Black Eyed Peas or Taylor Swift since most Americans thinks discriminately. Like Utada Hikaru did, she's not as successful too as BoA. I bet Agnes would be the same since all of them are Asians. The majority wouldn't favor the there. And FYI again, BoA is currently shooting a dance movie in the same vibe as Step Up in Toronto. TAKE THAT!

About her voice? Maybe yes, she doesn't have that kind of so-called-great-voice you have as your preference, BUT BoA is a SINGER-DANCER so comparing her to Charice is irrelevant. And BoA Dance and Sing AT THE SAME TIME, she hardly lipsynching. If you know the hardship of dancing energetically while trying to produce great voice, you'll be sorry for her.

Your blog is BIAS, admit it. It's too BIAS even to hide its BIAS-ness is so hard. So don't dare speaking "I'm a good girl, and I'm objective," because you're FAR from it.

And your choice of comment words are indeed unpleasant, where are your manners as a woman? I wonder

Yantizho said...

I don't want to argue anymore
and once again I'm not biased!

If you read my whole article thoroughly and carefully

You will see that I RECOGNIZE her dancing ability, I said that Boa is good at dancing!

Regarding the chosen words in my article, nothing too harsh, I Think, it's democrazy, everyone is free to opine.

Anyway I don't agree with your statement >> "I bet Agnes would be the same since all of them are Asians" <<

I BET YOU, Agnes Monica will make it through !!!

And Sorry if my article hurt any of you who read this article

Staples said...

The fact that you think BoA is mediocre says a lot. It shows that you know nothing about BoA and it's laughable that you can form any solid and unbiased opinions about her.

You can support Agnes or whatever, but don't dumb down other artists just to make Agnes look better.

Yantizho said...

Your comment only makes think that BOA is really SUCK and extremely common...

Boa's fans are too apathetic and can not accept the fact that indeed, Boa is a singer with a very plain vocal quality.

Sometimes, It's hard to accept the truth !!!

Stapleman said...

Yet, you haven't seen any BoA fans here called Agnes "really suck and extremely common".

I think you just proved my point again. Who's the one that can't accept reality here? I don't see anyone defending this entry but you. I think that is much more pathetic. (That's the word you were looking for, right? Apathetic means not caring about something, feeling apathy.)

But whatever, it's your blog. You can say anything you want, even if it's ignorant and inane. People were just trying to save your face.

SelphieFairy said...

stop comparing musicians. kind of pointless, everyone is different.

I do agree with you that yes, boa is a better dancer than she is a singer, but your comment seemed pretty rude to me, so i'm not surprised you got attacked for your comment. i'm not saying that you shouldn't have said it, and i'm not saying those people were right in attacking you. but it wasn't exactly tactful what you did -- come on, use your brain. i'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt though -- but what that means now is that you were completely aware that people were going to get upset over your comment and retaliate. so if you're smart enough to know that was gonna happen, don't come and whine about it afterward.

boa's career has never been just about her voice. she's not a singer as much as she is a performer and a product. so her voice is forgiven by most people as long as the overall sound of her music and live performances are good. and they are. they're phenomenal. her songs are catchy, exciting, and she's an energetic live performer. not to mention very good looking and fashionable. that's why she's famous and making so much money. a lot of pop music isn't just about how good someone can sing anymore -- because let's face it -- there are TONS of great singers out there(I'm a singer myself and I am astounded all the time by the amount of talented singers there are). what separates people aren't their voices anymore. you're welcome to continue to choose to listen to musicians based on singing ability alone. does it help to have a good voice? Sure, but people probably don't care as much anymore, either.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Haters gonna hate much?

You're really rude. And your piss-poor grammar and flawed word choice is really helping.

I don't need to say anything in favor of BoA except that saying one good thing about her doesn't make you fair. If I wanted, I could argue why she's not the best in ANYthing without being low (a more correct word would be "mean," but the present functional definition might not convey my precise meaning). For you, complimenting her dancing is only an excuse so you can feel less dirty about being fanatically anti-BoA.

Only one thing annoys me more than an anal bitch, and that's an anal bitch in denial.

Anonymous said...

Agree BoA is Suck !!
She is just an ordinary singer
nothing special
Poor Boa and her fanatic fans

Yantizho said...

Well' To those who said that my grammar is wrong and flaw, just tell me the right one, I'm really open to the improvement things

To all of you Boa fans who got hurt because of this article, I just wanna say I'm sorry

Let's just stop the useless debate, Thanks

Peace Out

Anonymous said...

BoA is hot, but agNez is hotter :D

Anonymous said...

I do agree with u,, that's why Boa's US debut was not that success,,, because US singers has all the packages,,, face, dance, voice etc so a great dancer with ordinary voice wouldn't make them impressed,,,, and Boa was so damn popular in Korea because there's no one can beat her there,,, but if we compare to another asian artist, u can't say she's the best,,, sorry for this but this is the fact,,, she's good in singing but if we compare her voice to Charice, Agnes or Jacqline we have to admit that they beat her... so that's why she's not a best singer... she's good, but not the best,, her performance help her,, if she just sing without dance,, it will be also an ordinary performance,,,

yayuu said...

BoA ??? C'mon!!! Can he sing a hard song like 'I turn to you' by Christina Aguilera.
But Boa have fanatic fans, like a Holigan from England !

yayuu said...

I mean 'she' (BoA) not 'he'

Anonymous said...

who's aganes ? she's the COPYCAT Boa right ?
see ur self 1st before copycat my idol Boa !
aganes totally suck !
it is agnes have create her name in US ? NO !
so back off n stop copycat BOA
u dont deserve to go US if u have copycat BOA
what a shame !!!
and dont u dare 2 come my country (korea) ever COPYCAT !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well I may as well enter into the foray. To to fair what one considers talent may be crap to someone else. There are plenty of artists here which I hardly consider good. On average I'd say you might see maybe 9 out of 10 artists which are average. 1-2 out of 20 which are great. 1-3 out of 100+ which are exceptional. How many MJ's are there out there lol? How many Celine Dion's or Josh Groban's are there, even fewer. Most artists these days at least in the states are either singers, dancers but hardly ever both. Some have great stage presence but their live performances are much to be desired! Out of the last 5 concerts I have been to maybe 1 was worth my time. So to say Boa is any less of an artist then what the current crop has to offer is complete bs. Boa is one of the few artists currently that I would say has the complete package.

Boa's singing ability continues to improve and is backed up by her great dancing and amazing stage presence & epic performances. Ah she speaks 4 languages as well. How many can say that all in one breath. Add this with some 15 or so albums to her credit. Hell you are lucky to see someone here put out an album once every 3 to 5 years. Ya know that is one big difference you don't see here like in Korea & Japan to varying degrees. They take the time to develop their artists with years of extensive training before they ever debut. You just don't see that level of commitment here. This might explain why there are so few artists be it old or new which are worth the time to invest in. Boa is certainly well about average in comparison. So this argument is inaccurate in it's assessment.

antony_deep2000 said...

Hye boy...I am one of the millions Agmon juga belum pnah liat itu si BoA..But, Many people in net said that...BoA Tak akan sukses Tanpa SM Entertainment ato apalah gw kagak ngarti...Beda sama Agnes,dia takan besar tanpa fansnya...Jadi...Siapa donk yang lebih besar...coba aja SM gada...huhuhu Mati donk BOA

Anonymous said...

BoA is still great! :)

her voice is not lame! :(

Anonymous said...

For the hell who sayin that BOA is goin to starting her International debut sooner than Agnes. Whattahell so evey. You such a Dumd. Wich a wonderful face? Boa? Oh Honnies you have to know THAT IS NOT ORIGINAL. Eather way, is BOA resound in USA? Come On Charice is more than that. Dumbly you sayin that? What that Naggin and also Bitchin' of you is JUST THE CRAP. Holly fucking sweet hell, you show how stupid you are. Agnes got a better Voice. C'mon, Jacklyn Victor is Better than BoA? LoL. If you just have to know, that no matter of time, so even if Jacklyn Victor is go International. BoA is still in all of American Ass. Thx.

Anyway, even shee shooting her movies like StepUp, So what. that's not a success barometer. FYI Cinta Laura do a Shooting for Philospher (Even I don't like her). Even Cinta isn't a main cast. But SHE'LL DO THAT WELL honnies. IN YOUR FUCKING FACE.

Anonymous said...

you know what BoA can do? Sucking American Penis to get her POPULARITY

Anonymous said...

Utada Hikaru is better than HER (BoA)

Anonymous said...

BoA who the hell is she? Is she one of Miyabi Star?

Anonymous said...

the writer of this is very biased.. try to watch her ballad songs.. ~gah.. >_<

Anonymous said...

either you are jealous or you have bad ears, but she is definitely a good singer throughout Asia. A good singer not only is determined by her vocal stability, but also the feeling and emotion in her lyrics and melody, which is one of the major difference between western and eastern pop music.

You are right, lots of western singers have higher octaves than BoA, meaning singing a lot high than her, but so what music is not all about singing high and make ppl eargasm. I've been following her footsteps since 2005 and sad to hear an ignorant hater downgrading her. LEARN TO APPRECIATE.

Anonymous said...

BoA is talented she went through a lot--for being a young girl--- though i don't know much of the other singers you have to admit that she has improve her singing a lot and she can do even better in the near future,plus she is an artist that is charismathic and has her feet on the ground (what i mean is that she doesn't act like she's the best or untouchable just because she's famous)

Anonymous said...

At least learn how to show RESPECT to BoA. Don't just throw away words that comes into your mind.

To that 'anonymous' user who commented about
the 'Sucking American' thing, you are as hopeless as no one could ever imagine!!!

Anonymous said...

Her voice is suck
nothing special and boring

Anonymous said...

I agree BoA voice isn't that good and her dancing skill is more better than her Voice but I realy apreciated her efort to be BoA that we all know thats all and I don't want to compare what she has achieved with AM has do.
Everyone has their own perspective to support their Idol though

Anonymous said...

There are people who were born with a natural talent to sing, and BoA wasn't one of them. She worked hard to improve her singing, so don't bash on her just cause of that. Her voice isn't amazing, but it's good because of her hard work. She went through a lot cause of her training, she even ended up in the hospital and lost 22 lbs due to stress when she was 14.
She puts a lot of effort into improving her singing and dancing, and I respect that.
Also, looks differ for everyone, judging her based on her looks is just shallow. I think she's cute, not sexy but cute. I love her dancing too.

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Anonymous said...

You really need to stop being so biased. You're basing this only on vocal quality. We get it her voice can't compare to other great singers, but honestly the artists you mentioned can't compare to Boa when it comes to being entertaining on stage; which is what most people look for because they WANT to be entertained not just moved by powerful ballads. Boa does this without using trashy moves like I see other singers do; I mean come on do they really have to shake their asses so much and portray so much sex appeal so people will like them? She has amazing dance skills that mesmerize people, and some of her ballads can be very moving; I can't speak for everyone though because they have their own opinions. Boa has WORKED to improve her voice, and in some ways that makes it even better because she'll only try to improve to keep her fans happy. Singers who are already talented usually end up doing things that can ruin their voices and are confident that they will still be able to sound great. I noticed you listed only ONE of Boa's songs. You should at least list her hit songs and even her ballads so people can see Boa at her best. Saying only one good thing about Boa doesn't make up for all the bashing you've said against her. Her debut in the US may not have been successful due to marketing and autotuning her voice to hide her asian accent, but her fans still love her and will continue to support her which is all she cares about; some of those songs, especially energetic, are kind of catchy. Even her upcoming movie isn't something that should be hated on; it hasn't even come out yet! Boa isn't an actress and it will be great to see her try something new so we should just support her on that. As for her sex appeal... Well that's almost nonexistent because it's not in her personality to be that way. No one can change that and she just wouldn't be Boa without it. She's been through a lot in her life and at least we know that she still stays true to herself. She was born to be forever cute and ambitious :)

*Note to all Boa fans: Please stop commenting on these kind of things. I'm working on getting this to stop. You can't change what someone else thinks and it will only result in an endless argument. We all know who our favorite singers are so we should just support them and not hate on other people's opinions. It's all a matter of preference, not being blind to a singer's faults just because they're fans. Byee :D

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Boa performances lately? Broing and Flat.. She is no longer mesmerizing, She needs to stop singing and take another thing to do.. seriously She's out of date!!

Yantizho said...

I'm sorry for those who got hurt of this article..
Stop Fighting and God Bless..

ruu kho said...

u talked cock talked bullshit..dont judge ppl if u r not a judge...u bodoh ..idiot..agnes monica??? lol... more lame voices...

Yantizho said...

@Ruu Kho
Heh U dumbass Idiot...
This article is not in a any way related to Agnes Monica, this is about Boa Moron..
Stop commenting on article u know nothig about..

Anonymous said...

not biased? then why compare BoA to other artist?? yes, BoA may not be a good singer, but she's a badass performer! Try to dance while singing then lets see it from there. And you should've not look down to BoA's fans, some maybe immature and shit, but its because of people like you too!

Anonymous said...

Although Agnes has better vocal abilities, but i think Boa is more successful in Asian (Korea and Japan) market and US market (she is charted in 5 different Billboard Chart - than Agnes (only one - Boa also known worldwide, her song was used as a theme song for Anime "Inuyasha". She might not be huge superstar, but known globally compared with Agnes.

She also appeared in hollywood movie (, which clearly shows that, she is not only marketable as singer, dancer but also actress..

my point here, looks, great voice, great dance will not always ensure success story in hollywood..i think, if we really want to know, which singer is better, we better look at their body of work and worldwide achievement.

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Anonymous said...

She's not the best singer, but I'd like to see the people you mention be this entertaining to watch.

Anonymous said...

High notes don't make a person a great artist/performer because a lot of singers can do that (just look at all of those singing competitions). Stage presence is what makes a great artist. Just look at this LIVE video of BoA making her tribute to Michael Jackson (an iconic performer in his own right). Can any of your high note reaching singers do this? No?

She balances her strengths and weaknesses and doesn't need sex appeal to like most artists. BoA is a great at what she does and has suffered through many challenges just to get where she is today. Many Korean and Japanese artists look up to her as the top dog because SHE is one of the singers who helped form bridges between the asian song market. Don't hate on her just because she doesn't have natural talent like other artists do.

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