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Facebook vs Twitter

Social networking is something that is trend since few years ago, some endure and some extinct, before the domination of facebook and twitter, The most victorious social network is myspace especially among musicians, they promote their music via myspace, but now, myspace is so old-fashioned in social networking, most musicians have abandoned it and move to facebook and twitter.

Twitter vs Facebook, which one is better? or which one is people like the most? some say twitter is but some others say Facebook is, In my opinion, in one hand Facebook is way better as it has a neat and attractive display profile equipped with notifications that serves to notify new messages, new friends request and new wall posts or comments.

On the other hand, Twitter has its own strength that attracts people to go on it, Twitter strength lies in its simplicity, hastag and of course the trending topic, Trending Topic is the most powerful way to make a new world sensation and often end up being controversy, for instance, The other day world was being fooled by a Trending Topic concerning RIP Jackie Chan, It's even trend for 3 days, Eventhough Jackie Chan via his manager has confirmed that He is Alright, People kept on talking about it.

According to me, lately, I am hooking on and being addicted to Twitter nearly everyday, I love tweeting and boasting on twitter, it is fun quite greetly, I can express myself on it eventhough it is only 140 characters allowed, we can use other applications to support our tendency to tweet longer than 140 characters like twitlonger and tweete. So which one is better Facebook or twitter? I think the answer is depend on ourselves.

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