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Behind The Scene Of Agnes Monica's Paralyzed Music Video

Are You Ready To Get Paralyzed ???!!!

People are being paralyzed by Agnes Monica's new song "PARALYZED", They are waiting for the official music video, this song has been released for about a month ago on the radio, and it's always at the top ten most favorited songs charts.

Paralyzed first aired as TV Series Original Soundtrack of "Jelita" (And then turned into Marisa), This Soap Opera stars Agnes Monica herself along with Okan Kornellius.

Paralyzed is composed by Agnes Monica herself, This song is so easy listening, its rythm and beat are so catchy, I love this song since I first heard it, I always turn it over and over and it makes me so addicted, yess It stuck in my head.

Since its Official video is going to be released on APRIL 12, 2011 at Dahsyat, You can enjoy Behind-The Scene Of Paralyzed from episode 1 to 7 on Youtube. Find them out here on Agnes Monica's Official Youtube Channel or You can enjoy Behind The Scene of Paralyzed which has been aired on Dahsyat, It's like the summary of 7 episodes.

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