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Agnes Monica and Siwon Super Junior (Funny stuffs among their fans)

What's up between Agnes Monica and Siwon Super Junior ???
Agnes Monica and Siwon at ASF 2009

This is just for fun so please do not take it way too seriously,
initially I didn't interrested in writing about this stuff "Agnes Monica and Siwon Super Junior (Funny stuffs among their fans)" but when I saw some pictures of theirs and Agnezmo tweet siwon407 this noon, I become interested in.
since their togetherness (Agnes Monica and Siwon Super Junior) on the same stage at ASF 2009. some people are keep on
talking about their relationship, Are they in a relationship?
some people even
say that they were dating while in fact
they are just friend and
I don't think they have contact after
the ASF 2009 meeting.

Rumors about their relationship (Siwon And Agnes Monica) began right after the ASF in 2009, Siwon and Agnes Monica were so familiar (close) and they were seen chatting while they're on stage, when the ASF event over, they were seen waving and smiling to each other when leaving the stage, and of course It attracted the Audiences and journalists attention.

Several articles neither from a major websites or audiences described that they're in the spotlight and some of them think that their in a "special" relationship.

These rumors raise a variety of responses, such as : "It's just a gossip!", "Oh I Envy Agnes", "Siwon is mine", "yess, They are so close, I witnessed it", "Oh hell nooooo, How Come!," "What! Agnes Monica and Siwon, Shocked", "Go away Siwon, Agnes Monica is Mine", "Yess Siwon adores Agnes Monica", "They are just friend" and many mooooreeeee....

Sooo... what are the funny stuffs? The funny stuffs are when those fans matching and combining their pictures (Agnes and Siwon) into one image and these combined pictures "somehow" look fit.

Here they are (The combination of their pictures created by fans) , Get ready to SMIRK !!!

Chrismas party performance

NOTE "I got these pictures from Agnes Monica's official facebook uploaded by fans"

You can find the pictures when Agnes and Siwon on stage at the ASF 2009 HERE

I don't like Siwon actually, I just want to share this funny stuffs to you all, Enjoy the pictures, hope you guys like it, It took 3 hours to get all these pictures *fiuhhh and an hour to write this article so the total time required to resolve this article is 4 hours, anyway WHO CARE? lol

Once again folks, It is just a rumor, so stay cool !!! People look prettier by being cool *wink
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