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(Demonstration against the rape)

 A few minutes ago I logged on to facebook and I was shocked by an article posted by someone on my facebook wall, It's a about a "Delhi Gangrape" ( a 23-year-old woman who was gang-raped in India), It is headlined in most of India's Medias, I feel deeply sorry for the victim raped by the immoral gang in a moving bus in Delhi.

Delhi's Authorities or India's Goverment need to take strict action against the rapists, Those involved in the raping should be hanged by the neck untill dead for they have taken away her life, her future, her dignity and goverment should bear the hopital expenses of the victim untill she regains her health, She won't be as healthy as she was though..

 According to the news circulating on the internet lately, The condition of the victim is still critical and slightly deteriorating.. 

I, as a fellow woman wish the best for her (the victim) and the rapists who have been arrested by the police get the appropriate penalty and hopefully there is no more such terrible thing happen, No MORE!!!

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Britney Spears Looks 40 (Older Than Her Age)

Am I the only one who think that Britney Spears looks a lot older than she really is? She's only 30 but she's got fold around her tired-looking eyes, I know everybody ages but for Britney Spears looks 40 when She's actually 30 is so weird...people at age 25 to 30 are commonly look the same..
(Latest Pic' on Jay Leno Show, Look at her face, Fold and Old and Tired)

And Look at the way she talks in some interviews, so awkward, She used to be so funny and hillarious, she's a very laughable person, people used to love her not because of her talent, beauty or dance skill but also because of her sweet personality.. today, she's like a robot controlled by someone..
(Britney Spears Used To Be So Lovely)

Some people said that Britney Spears looks older because of drugs and some said because of genetic since  her father also looks older that he is.. or  it might be because of Justin Timberlake or Kevin Federline, well, as for me, all the bad things she's been through have taken its toll, That's what make She is today, I hope that Britney Spears get better and better everyday though...

Check this video out when Britney Spears was the funniest and sweetest person on earth..

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Christina Aguilera's Lotus Album Cover

Christina Aguilera's newest album will be OUT this November, Team Xtina (Christina Aguilera's fans) must be so excited about it, and I personally love her music, I've been a fan of hers since I was 14 or 15, I love her voice regardless from all the negatives rumors about her...

I hope there is no #FlopTina and #Floptuilera things anymore like what @perezhilton did on his twitter ridiculed and made fun of Christina Aguilera's Bionic album, in fact, her previous album had a lot of amazing sounds and a futuristic rhythm to it, but if you weren't a music person, it was just going to go over your head..

As we know that the new single "Your Body" music video from her Lotus album has been launched, and you can watch it everyday on Youtube, as for me this song, apart from its music video is just nice, it is kinda less-nowdays, I think she needs to release some nice and catchy yet classy songs..

She has to take market and people taste of music into account, Album without market is a FLOP, and I hope this album is going be a bomb and make some hits, I don't expect too much like hoping her song will peak #1 but at least enter Bilboard Top 100 hahaha..

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Miss Those Good Old Times, My Music Icons Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Others

Well, anyway before I start to express my sense of longing for wonderful times on MTV in the past, I'd like to say sorry for being hiatus from blog writing  for about a year.. 

Oke.. Let's get down to brass tacks people..
I don't know why but I'm extremely miss those old good times and all my music icons on MTV when I was a teenager, it started when I came across some old music video on Youtube the other day, it's Britney Spears, Madonna and Christina Aguilera performance on VMA 2003, that was one of my lifetime favourite VMA performance Ever, especially when Madonna smooches Britney and Christina Aguilera.. it's so hillarious.. ahhhh I wish I could turn back time.. ehhhmmm.. I used to be Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera fan back then.. Britney was the hottest chick on earth at that time and Christina Aguilera was and is still the most powerful singer/diva ever on earth..

I don't mean to be so mean but I really wish that there's no Justin Bieber, One Direction and all those teenybloopers's heartthrobs whose music videos are popping and playing back and forth on TV and Radio nowdays.. I miss the sexy, young and energetic Britney Spears before she ended up in reign of crazy shameless horrible time in 2007, I miss Christina Aguilera's Genie In The Bottle to Fighter time (Christina Aguilera is actually still great but a lil' bit fatty), I miss Justin Timberlake's cry me a river moment, time run so fast, seriously,  I wish it's still Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake era.. Anyone could bring me back to 2000-2004?? 

Let's check out some good old snapshots from my music icons back then.. memories memories...
Britney Spears 
(The Goddess Britney Spears with Python VMA 2001)

(The Most Controversial VMA 2003 Performance of The 3 Hottest Divas on Earth)

(The Most Powerful Diva on Stage yeaaahhh firghter)

Well, That's all about it, I might miss those times for the time being only, and life goes on and all we can do is just keep moving and get used to it.. Thanks..

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