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(Demonstration against the rape)

 A few minutes ago I logged on to facebook and I was shocked by an article posted by someone on my facebook wall, It's a about a "Delhi Gangrape" ( a 23-year-old woman who was gang-raped in India), It is headlined in most of India's Medias, I feel deeply sorry for the victim raped by the immoral gang in a moving bus in Delhi.

Delhi's Authorities or India's Goverment need to take strict action against the rapists, Those involved in the raping should be hanged by the neck untill dead for they have taken away her life, her future, her dignity and goverment should bear the hopital expenses of the victim untill she regains her health, She won't be as healthy as she was though..

 According to the news circulating on the internet lately, The condition of the victim is still critical and slightly deteriorating.. 

I, as a fellow woman wish the best for her (the victim) and the rapists who have been arrested by the police get the appropriate penalty and hopefully there is no more such terrible thing happen, No MORE!!!

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