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Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Break Up!

Ohh Nooooo... They Broke Up! Oohhh Yesss They Broke Up!
Taylor Swift And Harry Styles call it QUIT! their short relationship has ended. an insider said that they had a fight, Harry said something that He shouldn't have.

It comes as no surprise that Haylor's romance won't be for good since Taylor Swift has been knowned as a love sucker, her relationships with her former boyfriends like Gyllenhall, Kennedy, Mayer also short-aged..

Directioners or One Direction Fans, Harry Styles Fans mostly consider their split as an exciting news, They've finally gone separate ways and Directioners got their Heartthrob Harry Styles back. Taylor Swift might sing this part of her song "we eee eee are never ever ever getting back together" more often"..
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The Power Of Nike Ardilla

(Natural Beauty Nike Ardilla)

Nike Ardilla is A Young Super Star, A Diva, A Pop Rock Icon, An Actress, A Singer and A Symbol Of Beauty, She was born on 27 December 1975 in Bandung, She was a huge fans of Marilyn Monroe who died at the age of 19 in a car accident.  her death news spread all over the world, Thousands of people came to attend her funeral, not only from Indonesia but also from other countries.

 (Nike Ardilla Funeral)

I am not her fans, I’m just a blogger who is all of a sudden eager to write her stuffs on my blog, the other day, I happened to read an article about her fans, this timeless beautiful Pop Rock Superstar has a wonderful group of fans named NAFC (Nike Ardilla Fans Club), I and many people salute her fans, the way they remember and celebrate her birthday and her death is profoundly touching and amazing.

  (She Loves Marilyn Monroe)

(Her Bed Room Full With Marilyn Monroe's stuffs)

I was 9 when She died, but I could feel the sadness and sorrow felt by the people especially her fans at that time, it was a shocking news that breaks people heart, it tore her fans down, although She had died for 17 years, her fans still stick together and keep her works alive, even today many new fans idolize Nike Ardilla instead of today’s celebrities, Her songs are still played on The radios and Televisons. Yeah, In death she soared! 

(Nike Ardilla Fans Club)

After her death, there are many things built and founded to remember her among other things Museum, Restaurant designed and furnitured with all Nike Ardilla’s stuffs (a tribute to Nike Ardilla From her fans, I don’t know the owner’s name though), Some Music Shows Tribute to Nike Ardilla and many more.

 (Museum Nike Ardilla)
She is the only Celebrity that her death commemorated routinely just like a Hero, She is so perfect that people and her fans can't get her off of their mind. Noone can keep Nike Ardilla at bay, She is always in our heart and that's what is called The Power Of Nike Ardilla!
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