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(Agnes Monica On Stage)

OMG HARRY STYLES FOLLOWED AGNES MONICA..!! These words and the like are spamming twitter timeline right now.. WEW..

(Agnes Monica @Agnezmo followed by Harry Styles)

It's actually a regular occurrence when it comes to "Twitter following and unfollowing", but it becomes very horrendous when teenagers' heartthrob Harry Styles one of One Direction Members followed Agnes Monica, Indonesian Queen Of Music, just now!

This is not the first time, Agnes Monica is a phenomenon, and a "Jealousy Maker" especially among girls, back to 2010 When She got followed by Choi Siwon, One Of Super Junior Members,  furiosity mixed with excitement were flooding twitter timeline. there were pro and cons, some felt excited while others hit the ceiling, they even asked Siwon to unfollow Agnes, but by and by They ship them as a couple named "SWAG" stands for SiWon - AGnes haha..

 (Agnes Monica @Agnezmo followed by Siwon @Siwon407)

Agnes Monica is famous not only in Indonesia and Asia but also in Europe even America, She is not only followed by Asian Most Loved Celebrities but also Hollywood Most Welknown Celebrities like Siwon, Harry Styles, Mike Posner, Tom Cruise, Magician David Cooperfield and Many More, See How Awesome She Is..!! Well anyway Agnes.. beware of those Teeny Boppers *Oopss *Peace
Agnes Monica is nothing but The HAWTtest..!!
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What Is Your Favourite K-Pop Group? Super Junior, Big Bang, 2PM, Shinee or TVXQ

( Colourful and Fresh K-Pop World )

Hello K-Popers, Let's join the crowd..!!
This blog is making a poll due to K-Pop Groups such as Super Junior, Big Bang, Shinee, SNSD, Kara, 2PM. It's K-Pop Groups Battle! 

( Some K-Pop Groups )
K-Pop has been hitting its PEAK for about Three consecutive years, it rules Asia and other countries outside Asia region.. World is beeing stinged by K-Pop Beezzzz,  It can be seen from the craziness happened when those K-Pop Groups hit the stage, room is rumbling, audiences scream and yell their head off..

( Other K-Pop Groups : Super Junior and more (Sorry I only recognize Suju) LOL )

Things stated above peaked my curiosity of which group is the most popular in the world.

I'm not a K-Poper though, I know quite a bit about K-Pop world as people around me are so in love with all the K-Pop stuffs..

So, If You are a K-Poper who happen to read this post, Please let me know Which one is your favourite by casting your vote now, Check Out The Poll AT THE TOP CORNER OF THIS BLOG OR YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN..!!

Even if you are not a K-Pop person you are also welcome to hit the poll..

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Agnes Monica In Black Carpet Oblivion Movie Premiere

Agnes Monica in black carpet Oblivion Movie Premiere

Proud Proud Proud..!!

Agnes Monica was spotted attending Black Carpet OBLIVION Movie Premiere in Los Angeles, She looked Gorgeous with long white dress and with Hair Tied Back, Simple buut Elegant, I haven't got a clue on what is She's doing there whether She co-stars (involved in the movie) or sings the soundtrack.

Agnes Monica Goes To Hollywood (Credit : Twitter @sandree88)

Oblivion The Movie is a 2013 science fiction movie stars by Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman and More,  The film was initially scheduled to release on July 10, 2013. Since the 3D re-release of Jurassic Park was set for a July 19, 2013 release date, the US release date was moved forward to April 19, 2013 (based on Wikipedia).

Watch Agnes Monica Red Carpet Appearance here, some paparazzies shouted her name, Agnes, Agnes Love You.. Agnes Agnes Show Me Your Shoulder..


Agnes Monica on Tom Cruise Website : CLICK HERE

Show 'Em What You GOT Agnezmo..!!
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