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Agnes Monica's Album "AGNEZ MO" To Release On June 1st 2013

 Agnes Monica's Album "AGNEZ MO" To Release On June 1st 2013

 ("AGNEZ MO" Album Cover)
Agnes Monica's most awaited Digital album entitled "AGNEZ MO" to release on June 1st 2013, Agnes Monica has been working it out since 2010 after She co-hosted American Music Awards 2010.

This Album "AGNEZ MO" is Agnes Monica's first Full English Album, although this album hasn't been released officially, Agnes Monica has often blasted out three of ten tracks of the album entitled "Hide And Seek" "Flyin High" and "Shut 'Em Up" on stage, these songs were composed by Agnes Monica herself.

According to rumors going around that this Album "AGNEZ MO" is for Indonesia only while worldwide/International Album will be released afterward. Let's just wait and see.

Agnes Monica has teamed up with many international singers such as Timbaland, Missy Eliot, Mike Posner and more for her albums, I haven't got a clue whether this collaboration is for Indonesian Album or International Album.

You can download and listen to the songs via SouniqMusic , It's available on Android only for the time being. Please download it legally and don't spread the illegal download link, Respect Agnes Monica hard work. She has gone through long long long journey by going back and forth Indonesia - USA hundreds of times to finish this album, hopefully her hard work will be paid off. Support her album by downloading the legal one and STOP PIRACY..!
Here is the Track List of the Album :

Download Now SOUNIQ MUSIC "Make Sure You Have Android Phone" ==>> register and then ==>> ENJOY..!!

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