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MUST READ! Fact About Plastic Surgery among Korean teenagers and K-Pop artists, Kyuhyun and More

(Before Plastic Surgery)

 (PARK MIN YOUNG /Korean Actress After Plastic Surgery)

Pretty, huh? Cute, right? Barbie Look Alike, Doesn't She? Beautiful, Isn't She? Yes it seems like She is, BUT wait..!! Let me reveal this to you guys, This girl ( Park Min Young )'s beautiful cute face is 100% plastic surgery result, from the forehead to the end tip of the chin face was made over through plastic surgery.

You can easily identify the face of korean artists who have undergone plastic surgery or not, based on data from Korean health departments almost 99% of Korean artists have done plastic surgery, 65% women and the rest are men, whether it's merely changing some points or total face makeover, it means we can be sure almost all artists or K-Pop boybands, Girlbands and Korean drama stars  have gone through plastic surgery, the question then is how extreme they change their face? partly or wholly? Let's check these pictures and you'll automatically find the answer..

(Before and After Plastic Surgery)

Parts of the body most often made over are eyes, big nose to tiny nostril, full volume forehead as well as big face to "small face" v-line just like a barbie. nowdays with the rapid advancement of technology in Korea, no matter how freakin UGLY Koreans are, those ugly faces can be transformed magically into super cute faces, They'll look totally different, this trend has mushroomed up in Korean society, In Korea there is a TERM, "Rather be POOR than UGLY", In Korea being Ugly means living in hell, You'll get so much more chances to get more job opportunities when you are beautiful/handsome" pathetic, isn't it?


So, what's up your Korean Idol? What's up Super Junior Members, TVXQ? Girls Generation and More? do you still want to scream your head off like "Aaaa Oppaaa Unniiee Your so cuuuute" or "Oppaa Unniieee you're so FAKE when you watch their concerts?

Anyway, For the record, one of Super Junior Members named Kyuhyun who is cemented as the cutest member of Super Junior is absolutely NOT that cute when you see his real face before plastic surgery. check it out..

 Kyuhyun Super Junior before and after plastic surgery
See the difference, right? what about other members? hmmm.. Go google it and find out yourself.. Ehhmmm.. let me clear my throat first, do you guys still want to marry korean girl or SNSD/GIRLS GENERATION..?!!
Before You Tie the knot, Check it out.. This is what happen when you marry a faker..!!

So. Guys just be yourself, God created you that way for a reason, Like Bruno Mars said "Coz' You're amazing just THE WAY YOU ARE..!!"

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