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Justin Bieber Said Sorry For The Way He's Behaved

Justin Bieber Said Sorry For The Way He Has Behaved for the last over the last two years.

The 20-year-old singer has been one of the most talked about celebrities for the past few years. He was discovered by a talented singer Usher at the age of 14. Justin Bieber released his first single One Time in 2008 and then He started gaining popularity since particularry among teenagers.

From a geeky teen busker turned into a teen pop superstar and the transition he's making musically and in his own personal life may have contributed to his rebellious behaviours.

Justin Bieber released a video after having an interview with chat show host Ellen degeneeres. In the video recorded at home he stated that he felt uncomfortable during the live interview audience.
 "Growing up in this business is hard. Growing up in general is hard. I felt awkward up there," he said in his video.

 Ellen Degeneeres' Twitter

He also tweet after he left the chat show with Ellen degeneeres, he wrote: "@TheEllenShow. Happy birthday! Sorry I was so nervous." To which Ellen DeGeneres replied: "You were perfect. Thanks for surprising me!"

Hopefully Justin Bieber will change the way he behaves and be a good example for others especially for his fans who are mostly teenagers.
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Burning Fat Workout, Goodbye FATTY!!

Call a girl “fatty” a.k.a “gendut” in Indonesia and she will end up worrying about it all day long, DO NOT and NEVER say that word or every fatty-related stuffs to girls, it is the scariest thing to hear for them ehmmm... I mean Us. But wait.. sometimes it triggers Us to start shaking our arses and burning the fat. ironically, some do it rightly and some don’t.. but I am fortunate enough because I work it out by doing exercises not by starving myself to the nearly death..  and this is what I’m doing lately to get rid of it weight lifting mixed with cardio. Cardio to burn the fat and weight lifting to get our body in freakin’ hot shape..

All I want is nothing but a toned body, just like young Britney Spears in her prime around 1999 to 2002,  Look at her body back then, For paradise sake!!! it’s beyond HOT, it is just PERFECT..!!  I would defenitely do “everygoodthing” to get that body..

Well back to weigh lifting, some girls despise this exercise because they thought that would make them “berotot”a.k.a muscular just like men, Girls, don’t worry, because no matter how freakin’ hard we train we will never be too masculine like men, I can’t explain in detail, you can google if you need to know why but all I know is that weight lifting won't make our body bulky, don’t ask me why, I emphasize again and again, we won’t and we just can’t!!

Weight lifting is so recommended for those who want to burn fat, it is fun and relaxing, on the first try, make sure that you train yourself moderately, don’t push yourself too hard and don’t over trained.. you may experience muscle soreness all over your body initially but in the long run you will get used to it and it’s gonna be so addictive..!! 

So Girls, let’s do the weight lifting, it is waaaaay better than just cardio, trust me It Works!!

Note : "I do not own rights to the picture."
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Cristiano Ronaldo was given a Red Card after hitting his opponent

Cristiano Ronaldo was given a Red Card after hitting his opponent, Should Ronaldo be given a ban for his thoughtless act toward Cordoba defender?

Ex-Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo facing potential suspension as many as twelve match.

The FIFA Ballon d'Or winner for three consecutive years was dismissed from the La Liga match against Cordoba. The referee Alejandro Hernandez issued him a red card for kicking, pushing and punching his opponent Edimar during Saturday's La Liga clash.

Ronaldo dismissed without scoring a goal in the match. His only effort was a free kick which soared high in the first half.
Ronaldo will be banned for the next match against Real Sociedad. He could also be suspended for the following matches against title challengers Sevilla and Atletico Madrid respectively if He was found guilty of excessive aggression by a disciplinary panel meet on Wednesday.

Following the confrontation, Ronaldo sent his apologies on Twitter. He tweeted: "I apologise to every and especially Edimar for my thoughtless act in the game today."
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Miley Cyrus Spotted Topless in Hawai

Miley Cyrus Spotted Topless in Hawai with beau Patrick Schwarnegger - Arnold Schwarnegger Son, they've been in love for three months.

The "We Can't Stop" singer posed topless and flaunted her sexy body with tattoo on her hips while kissing and laughing with her lover of three months, Patrick Schwarzenegger, 21 on the beach.

Miley Cyrus used to be a shy and blushful person during the hanna montanna seasons, but things changed when She released her controversial music video "Wrecking Ball" in 2013 that topped the most popular video on Youtube at that time, She starts behaving uncontrollably since.

The Britney Spears wannabe - Miley Cyrus went off the rails when She gaved a scandalous performance with Robin Thicke in 2013 VMA (Video Music Awards), Her raunchy performance sparked excoriations among twitter users. Her nasty performance is also cemented as one of the most unforgettable MTV VMA moments.

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SAVE KPK (Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission)

Cicak dan Buaya” or “Gecko vs Crocodile” topped the twitter trending topic the other day, not just through social media, protesters also voiced their demands in the anti-graft agency's headquarters.

(Photo by tatan Syuflana)

The supporters of the Indonesian Anti Corruption Body (known as KPK in Bahasa) voice a protest against the arrest of the deputy head of the Corruption Eradication Commission, Bambang Widjojanto by the police, outside the KPK's office in Jakarta, Friday, 23rd January, 2015. 

Public fight back after Widjojanto was arrested on Friday, days after he claimed a national police chief  was a graft and money-laundering suspect.

The arrest sparks public demands for the country's president Joko Widodo "Jokowi to defend the institution.

Allegations of attempts to criminalize the Indonesian Corruption Commision or KPK became hotter over the weekend when Adnan Pandu Praja, a second deputy chief of the commision was all of a sudden reported to police for alleged ownership of illegal shares in Desy Timber, a company located in Berau, East Kalimantan.

Mukhlis, who served as a lawyer for Desy in 2006, accused Adnan of allegedly taking over 85 Percent of sharesin the company while the management was involved in a family feud. Adnan on Sunday denied the allegations, calling them an attempt to deface the institution he now works with.

"Now it's my turn to be reported to the Police." Adnan said in a speech in front of a large number of persons who gathered to voice their support the KPK in Jakarta.

Public and Activists should fight together against the criminalization of the anti-corruption body, President Joko Widodo needs to take a real and strict action to defend the body.
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