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Justin Bieber Said Sorry For The Way He's Behaved

Justin Bieber Said Sorry For The Way He Has Behaved for the last over the last two years.

The 20-year-old singer has been one of the most talked about celebrities for the past few years. He was discovered by a talented singer Usher at the age of 14. Justin Bieber released his first single One Time in 2008 and then He started gaining popularity since particularry among teenagers.

From a geeky teen busker turned into a teen pop superstar and the transition he's making musically and in his own personal life may have contributed to his rebellious behaviours.

Justin Bieber released a video after having an interview with chat show host Ellen degeneeres. In the video recorded at home he stated that he felt uncomfortable during the live interview audience.
 "Growing up in this business is hard. Growing up in general is hard. I felt awkward up there," he said in his video.

 Ellen Degeneeres' Twitter

He also tweet after he left the chat show with Ellen degeneeres, he wrote: "@TheEllenShow. Happy birthday! Sorry I was so nervous." To which Ellen DeGeneres replied: "You were perfect. Thanks for surprising me!"

Hopefully Justin Bieber will change the way he behaves and be a good example for others especially for his fans who are mostly teenagers.

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