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Miley Cyrus Spotted Topless in Hawai

Miley Cyrus Spotted Topless in Hawai with beau Patrick Schwarnegger - Arnold Schwarnegger Son, they've been in love for three months.

The "We Can't Stop" singer posed topless and flaunted her sexy body with tattoo on her hips while kissing and laughing with her lover of three months, Patrick Schwarzenegger, 21 on the beach.

Miley Cyrus used to be a shy and blushful person during the hanna montanna seasons, but things changed when She released her controversial music video "Wrecking Ball" in 2013 that topped the most popular video on Youtube at that time, She starts behaving uncontrollably since.

The Britney Spears wannabe - Miley Cyrus went off the rails when She gaved a scandalous performance with Robin Thicke in 2013 VMA (Video Music Awards), Her raunchy performance sparked excoriations among twitter users. Her nasty performance is also cemented as one of the most unforgettable MTV VMA moments.

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