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SAVE KPK (Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission)

Cicak dan Buaya” or “Gecko vs Crocodile” topped the twitter trending topic the other day, not just through social media, protesters also voiced their demands in the anti-graft agency's headquarters.

(Photo by tatan Syuflana)

The supporters of the Indonesian Anti Corruption Body (known as KPK in Bahasa) voice a protest against the arrest of the deputy head of the Corruption Eradication Commission, Bambang Widjojanto by the police, outside the KPK's office in Jakarta, Friday, 23rd January, 2015. 

Public fight back after Widjojanto was arrested on Friday, days after he claimed a national police chief  was a graft and money-laundering suspect.

The arrest sparks public demands for the country's president Joko Widodo "Jokowi to defend the institution.

Allegations of attempts to criminalize the Indonesian Corruption Commision or KPK became hotter over the weekend when Adnan Pandu Praja, a second deputy chief of the commision was all of a sudden reported to police for alleged ownership of illegal shares in Desy Timber, a company located in Berau, East Kalimantan.

Mukhlis, who served as a lawyer for Desy in 2006, accused Adnan of allegedly taking over 85 Percent of sharesin the company while the management was involved in a family feud. Adnan on Sunday denied the allegations, calling them an attempt to deface the institution he now works with.

"Now it's my turn to be reported to the Police." Adnan said in a speech in front of a large number of persons who gathered to voice their support the KPK in Jakarta.

Public and Activists should fight together against the criminalization of the anti-corruption body, President Joko Widodo needs to take a real and strict action to defend the body.

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